Unit-3 Internet Marketing Assignment Help

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Unit-3 Internet Marketing Assignment Help

Task 3

Unit-3 Internet Marketing Assignment Help3.1 Conduct Secondary Market Research

L’oreal has turned up to become the second largest company dealing with cosmetic products in the world. The leading group across the globe is P &G. As compared to L’oreal, P&G deals with additive health care products such as sanitary napkins, shaving kit etc. However, L’oreal is still confined to the beautification part in women. Hence, its focus is narrow. Moreover, the company has incurred more costs on promotion and researching; however, this has enabled them to craft products as per the tastes of the consumers. It has around 19 percent share in the global market.
Cosmetics and hair care components of L’oreal accounts to around eighty percent of the sales, as per data analysis in 2011. In comparison, hair care products accounted to around half of the industry sales. Apart from this, technological development has also resulted in a hike in sales of deodorants and hair care products. This can be contributed to an in-depth research process in its marketing activities (L’oreal Company Profile, 2012).
The company had tried to enhance the understanding of their customers by adopting a company wide customer relationship management. Therefore, it has focused on luxury products. Moreover, loyalty programmes have been offered to the customers of L’oreal.

3.2 Design an Online Survey

  1. Have you used L’oreal products in the last one year?
  • Yes
  • No

B How Frequently do you use L’oreal products?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Annually
  1. How much are you satisfied with the products?
  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Very Dissatisfied
  1. Which is your favorite L’oreal product?
  1. Rate L’oreal as in terms of trustworthiness on a scale of 1-10:
  1. Product Quality
  • Very Important
  • Somewhat Important
  • Somewhat unimportant
  • Very Unimportant
  1. Product Functions
  • High utility
  • not so high utility
  • Fair purposes
  • A complete waste
  1. Price
  • High Price
  • Medium Price
  • Low Price
  1. Any allergy caused due to L’oreal products? If yes, name it ________
  2. What made you opt for L’oreal product?
  • Good quality
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good reputation
  • High value for money
  • Other

3.3 Demonstrate the use of electronic customer relationship marketing.

In the current marketing era, every company is aiming at holding strong and long terms with the customers; this is important too considering the orientation of the market. Hereby, there is a strong need to understand the need for this process and act accordingly, in order to respond positively. On the business front, L’oreal has followed tight policies in establishing Customer Relationship Marketing. Let’s discuss it in detail.
L’oreal has developed a new CRM system that takes into account the problems of the employees in responding to the customers. Through this, the process has become easier and more effective. MI Touch is its new advent that is a tablet based app through which the employees can easily and more effectively provide information to the target customers. Through this method, the customers can get direct and easy access to the products of L’oreal brand.
CRM is the process that is deployed to satisfy the customers and they are facilitated with the opportunity of being heard any time of the day. The factor of being heard is quite influential in the field of business when it becomes the priority for any organization to serve the customers in their preferred way (Porter, 2001).

TASK 4 Be able to design an internet marketing plan
4.1 Produce an outline internet marketing plan

After we have analysed all the elements of internet marketing, it’s turn to apply them to practicality. However, before doing so, there should be a formulation or outline of the plan that is intended to be applied to the above mentioned company, L’oreal. It should plan efficiently in order to design the product/service and also, place them in front of the customers. Hence, we should discuss the internet marketing plan in detail. This can be outlined as:

Market Research

L’oreal should be going through rigorous research process of the market which considers the macro and micro environmental conditions. This refers to the external conditions that may either pose threat or bring in new opportunities for the company. For example, it owes to a dense market research that lets them screen about the threat from P&G and Unilever in the market. Moreover, before designing a product, the tastes of the customers needs to be checked with; for this, the company needs to analyze the current market conditions. Even for enhancing the vision to develop as a global marketing brand, the company needs to study the conditions pertaining to social, political, technological, economic issues. This holds more significance in today’s world as now, customers form the major level of marketing and products are designed and marketed in a way that is more conducive to them. This is followed by selecting the objectives and aims for the project.

Planning the Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is the direct next stage to outlining the market research. This is also maintained with high priority as this is termed as the implementation of the marketing outline. After the research process is done with, then comes the turn for setting a model that would be able to reach the maximum number of target customers that too gaining effective response from them. The prime aim for the company is to set up a brand image for itself so that the customers form an emotional bond with the company’s products. L’oreal has been implementing experimental marketing mix in the recent years. Here, the tangibility is a concern as customers do not have the option to touch the products before buying it, hence, the company can go out with some lucrative services such as discount or other value added services (Chekitan and Schultz, 2005). How much the customers are willing to pay is the major question that hovers over the minds of the customers in this form of marketing. Since there are lots of comparing options at the disposal of the customers, there should be wiser pricing strategies. Moreover, a company like L’oreal can also get involved in lending discounted services to the loyal base of customers. Place of selling or marketing is the most advantageous mode for the companies; in this case, the manufacturers of the product such as L’oreal can be in direct interaction with its customers. L’oreal can use Google or any other search engine to put links and gain traffic. There is a high need to make your product visible to others. For promotion, L’oreal can employ use of videos, direct email as effective tools. While the latter can be used to appeal to the loyal base of customers, the former can be effectively put up for even first time visitors or consumers to get converted into loyal customers.
After doing up with preparation of the marketing plan, selecting the marketing mix adhering to the objectives set up by the company, the next stage is to implement the proposed objectives and aims. This should be done very effectively, as there is a high need to be visible to the customers in order to gain positive feedbacks from the target customers.

4.2 Create a presentation on pay per click advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is the money that is spent by the company in order to display the advertisements on a particular website. Through this, the companies can fetch in more traffic to the websites. Here, banner advertisements are posted on a website that promotes a company’s activities. This states that on clicking of the advertisements, the company is ought to pay for the clicks to the advertiser. Moreover, this can be also regarded as an affiliate model. Buying opportunity is what that can be associated with this concept that fetching in more traffic to the websites. Hence, those states that displaying the ads on sites that have traffic of similar interests can fetch in more traffic to the company as well.
With its visage, L’oreal has established itself as a highly accessible site from other portals as well; however, there are few ads on L’oreal that are posted on other websites as well. Although, one can never ignore its significance.


From the above mentioned discussions, it can be concluded that Internet Marketing has formed an integral part in today’s marketing era. Perhaps, this has turned out to be the most significant concept in the field of marketing. This form of marketing has been at par with the marketing techniques that have been followed since ages; however, the importance of customer oriented market is focused highly, in this report. In addition to this, the companies are able to enable a brand image for themselves in today’s generation through e-marketing process. Overall, this has formed an indispensable part for the companies when the importance of public relations is highly scrutinized and maintained to high standards in the marketing sector.


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