Unit-2 Post Graduate Module Project Assignment Help

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Unit-2 Post Graduate Module Project Assignment Help

Unit-2 Post Graduate Module Project Assignment HelpProblem Statement

The matter of fact is advertising strategy has significant impacts on consumers’ buying behaviors. Advertising strategy is considered to be a campaign developed in order to communicate ideas about the services and products to the potential customers effectively to convince them to buy the offered product or avail services (Rosenkrans, 2009). Online advertising strategy must be built in an intelligent and rational manner that will reflect business considerations such as market share growth, brand recognition, overall cost reduction and profit increase.
It is true that through revolutionizing technology people have started using internet as a one stop point for meeting all their needs such as online shopping, communication, entertainment, information research and online marketing. This has led 80% of the internet users to glue themselves to the internet while accessing it on regular basis. Advertisers also find an opportunity of exploiting this revolution. However, is it an effort to end the traditional advertising? Is online advertising through social media websites are more efficient and effective than traditional advertising? Is it fulfilling the objectives of marketing products or services (brand recognition, to generate sales and to increase profits)?

Research Aims

The primary aim of this specific research is to investigate the impacts of social media advertising on consumers buying behavior. The secondary aim is to identify and analyze the impacts of social media advertising being executed by Nokia on buying behavior of its users.

Objectives of Research

  • To review and examine the importance of social media as an advertising platform
  • To determine a relationship of social media advertising and consumers’ buying behavior
  • To analyze the key factors affecting consumer buying behavior
  • To review and examine the impacts of social media advertising on Nokia’s operational performance and its customers’ buying attitudes
  • To analyze social media strategies used by Nokia and to recommend Nokia how effective social media advertising strategies can change their costumers’ buying attitudes

Research Questions

  • What are the effects of social media advertising on consumers’ buying behavior?
  • What are the factors that influence on consumer buying behavior?
  • How social media act as an advertising platform for telecom industry and particularly Nokia?
  • How an organization can create brand image through social media advertising?
  • How effective advertising through social media can influence the organizational performance?
Rationale of Research

From last few decades, the use of mobile phones have increased rapidly and they have moved from extravagancies to the necessities of routine life and the use of Social Media is assumed to become more significant and eminent part of the use of mobile phones. The mobile companies are facing problems of the understanding the consumers’ behaviors. Consumers’ interest of buying the particular mobile handset can be increased by their advertising strategy. Moreover, the increased competition between the mobile phone companies also put some international mobile companies such as Nokia in difficulties.
With the increase effectiveness of advertising and of mass media, a significant reduction has been witnessed in conventional media. Digital advertising and marketing have provided consumers knowledge and relevant choices about the organizational products and services (Kumar and Raju, 2014). One of the main objectives of international marketers is to create a strong image that is well-known to all of their customers around the world. Advertising strategy including online advertising through social media should be done in such a way which aims at understanding the consumers’ buying behaviors and satisfying their needs and demands.

Research Hypothesis

H0- Social media advertising has significant positive impacts on consumers’ buying behavior
H1- Social media advertising does not have positive impacts on its consumers’ buying behavior

Dissertation Structure

This dissertation in broken down into five chapters aims at the provision of good research approach and easy achievement of overall objectives of the research. This approach will no doubt provide better understanding to the researcher and in-depth analysis of the subject under consideration because each chapter has to achieve desired objective before its subsequent chapter. The details of each chapter are as follows:

Chapter 1

The first chapter provides the first point of direction of research by revealing the problems in this specific research area and explaining it in industrial and academic context. This chapter is based on the identification of aims and objectives of the research work as well as the research questions and overall research methodology to be adopted is discussed. This chapter also provides an introduction of the topic under consideration with special context of Nokia, a brief overview of case organization and overall structure of the dissertation.

Chapter 2

This chapter put the research in context by capturing the social media advertising and its impacts on consumer buying behavior. This chapter will highlight the efforts of other researchers and practitioners and will ai   d in identifying the research gaps in the subject area. This chapter will provide the literature review of the topic in which the concept of social media advertising will be discussed in detail and with special reference to its impacts on consumer buying behavior.

Chapter 3

The methodology to be used for this specific research study will be discussed in this chapter. A two-phase approach will be used in this research study;
(1) Initial literature review
(2) Structured Questionnaire and Data Analysis
The researcher will debate the purpose of the research, the research approach, the data collection methods and the specified method to be used in this research. A close ended questionnaire survey will be used as primary data collection method while a range of secondary sources will be used for collecting secondary data. The researcher will highlight survey information and sampling procedure. Moreover, the development and administration of questionnaire will also be discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 4

This chapter is distinguished into two sections: data presentation and data analysis. In first section, the collected data from primary source will be presented in a systematical way. The researcher will use tables and pie charts in presenting the data and will attempt elementary establishment of patterns using percentages. The second section will base on the deep analysis of results of collected data and in light of key findings of literature.

Chapter 5

This chapter will highlight the key findings of the research and researcher will recommend possible suggestions to the case organization for using social media advertising in a better way. Possible limitations and areas of future research of the topic under consideration will also be identified in this chapter. Order Now

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