Unit-2 Internet Marketing Assignment Help

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Unit-2 Internet Marketing Assignment Help

Task 2

Unit-2 Internet Marketing Assignment Help2.1 Demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing.

The attention of the customers matters the most in case of Internet Marketing. However, the case is pretty much similar to that of any form of marketing. In this section, the mechanics of e marketing will be made clear to the readers. McDonald’s is a renowned food brand that serves more than half of the globe. However, in order to appeal the customers to reach the retailer stores, it needs to adopt the search engine marketing tactics as well. Today, people find the online sites to be much more reliable places in terms of accessibility and affordability. Hence, in this case, the company must seek the topmost positions in search engines if we consider the value of visibility over Internet (Hollensen, 2001).
With the help of Search Engine Optimization, the customers as well as the business can seek a beneficial role in Internet Marketing. It should be considered that through this, customers can now reach their desired information. However, there is a long list of similar websites that may show or display the same kind of results; now, it’s the turn for companies to target the most searched keywords and hence, capture the attention of the customers. Once, a person types in the desired data in the search engines (Google, Bing etc.) it tends to display the results in the web engines. The most optimized site comes at the top, while the lease optimized site stays at the bottom. In addition to this, PPC or Pay Per Click also holds equal amount of significance in the process where the companies need to pay money to the advertiser who is posting the ad of that particular company.

2.2 Write the copy for a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter.

This is highly important to associate customers with the brand image of the company. This has turned out to be extremely crucial these days. Long term associations with customers is termed as being a loyal association with the customers. This is to be considered a part of Public Relations and aiming at the efforts to bring out a trustworthy image of the company in front of the customers. Maintaining relationships that too for a long term basis is definitely considered to be fruitful for any company. In today’s sector, companies have now taken a step ahead by sending newsletters to the loyal customer base, reminding them of the company’s image by notifying regarding certain developments in the company. Here, we will discuss the method of sending opt-in newsletters (Heinen, 1996).
This is termed to be the method of sending newsletters in bulk to the large base of customers. This can take place on the occasion of a product launch, or any new development in the business. This takes place in the form of newsletters.
Opt-in emails can be categorized as:

McDonald’s Circus presents you the carnival of joking sandwiches and flexible sausages! Do not miss the
spectacle at any cost!
30 % OFF on all McDonald’s products on Children’s day…
Hey, AGE is simply no BAR for visiting us! It’s your turn to your childhood days.
Offer Valid for:

2.3 Follow guidelines for best practice in online public relations

McDonald’s should adhere to the below mentioned guidelines that are needed in order to maintain high standards in the process of public relations:

  • The company should be updating the content of the website on a regular basis. Moreover, they should keep in mind that the content should be highly engaging and should have the ability to influence a person’s mind and may even persuade him/her to change his/her mindset.
  • Moreover, McDonald’s should consider many questions that should be answered by the company to the customers. There are many questions that should be answered by McDonald’s such as Is the food healthy to consume? Is it nutritious? etc.
  • Apart from this, McDonald’s should keep in mind that the tastes of the prospect of the customers are taken into account and hence, develop products or offer products in their own conducive way. The same thing lies with websites. McDonald’s should stay away from breaking the moral code of conduct through their website content. It should be free from any kind of obscenity or vulgarity.
  • The customers should be given a chance to express feedbacks on the products and service provided by McDonald’s. This is a manner which helps them to interact directly with the customers. This will help the company to grow good and at rapid pace.
  • With the help of Intranet and Extranet, the organizations can now be engaged in a process of information sharing within the organization and outside it in a more secured process. Hence, McDonald’s can enable a better process to interact with the organizational members through Internet and limited access can be provided to the members who want to access information from outside the organization. However, for the latter, an authentication is required (Chekitan S. Dev and Don E. Schultz, (2005).
2.4 Demonstrate how businesses can use new digital media communities, e.g. file-sharing sites

There is another dimension as an addition, when we talk of the file sharing techniques in internet marketing. Same is the case of McDonald’s which has employed social media experts to encourage the visage of social media marketing through social media platforms. Now, talking about McDonald’s, this is a leading food joint across the globe. Therefore, it is highly inquisitive in nature. Customers would always like to know about the taste of a new product; apart from this, customers would also like to be a part of suggestions for improving a certain product. Hence, McDonald’s has gained immense popularity among the customers. This can be, in short defined as the unique experience that gets inculcated among the customers of McDonald’s. Through its pictorial expression, it can go far in creating a brand image for the company and attract a large number of customers to the retailer stores. This is all about sharing experiences through  virtual platform.
For this purpose, McDonald’s can utilize Instagram to interact with the potential customers in a visual manner. Pictures speak to integrate into short sequences of a tale at Instagram. Apart from this, Facebook can also be utilized by McDonald’s in interacting with the customers through forums. A McDonald’s page should be the common platform for each and everyone to interact and give feedbacks on a particular product or service initiated by McDonald’s (Chaffey, 2009). Order Now

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