Tween Mobile Marketing Assignment Help

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Tween Mobile Marketing Assignment Help

Tween Mobile Marketing Assignment HelpINTRODUCTION

This assignment is aiming to develop a holistic INTEGRATED MARKETING PLAN (IMC) for the “OWL and Pussy Cat Company” which is planning to launch a mobile phone for tween market of Australia. Mobile phones are rapidly becoming a commodity and now even pre teen children are interested to own a cell phone. Tween market includes age range from 6 years to 13 years. In this IMC plan all the psychographics and demographics of tween market would be incorporated and advertising communication would be developed in such a manner that tween customer can relate with them while their parents (actual payers of the product) would find this mobile phone suitable for their adolescent kids (Jaakko, et al. 2007). This entire assignment is secondary in nature and it is based on reliable literature sources to develop its communications and advertising arguments. Reliable literature sources include books, journals, previously done researches, online databases, newspaper publications, peer reviewed articles etc.


Tween market segment includes children from age range of 6 years to 13 years and in Australia they comprise an 11 percent of total population which is a very significant number to be developed as a market. Further in this segment there is a lot of potential because only a quarter of this segment currently owns a cell phone and it is expected that eventually entire population segment would want to own a cell phone. For this market segment looks of the cell phone and the status they would be able to gain after purchasing the mobile are two very important factors in decision making. Peer pressure is very deterministic in purchase decision because if friends don’t approve of a model then a tween won’t buy it.  All though purchasing is made by the parents and they would be concerned about the security and unwanted content of cell phone but decision of making a purchase would be of tween group only (Hoyer and MacInnis, 2001). While determining the market segment we should also consider this important factor that around 54 percent of the present consumer segment is looking for a upgrade in their phone and 61 percent wants better features and technology in their hand pieces. By this information it can be assumed that market potential is much higher than assumed.
Tween market is very unique in features because consumers are pre pubescent in age and if they become brand loyal to a particular product then organization has gained a life time consumer. This is the primary reason why many organizations are targeting teen and tween age group consumers through their products and services. A tween group is still in a developmental phase of cognitive processing and there is a increasing trend of tween family members becoming a part of the decisions of family consumptions. It is observed in the tween that they are highly reactive to a proper communication which appeals to them, they are highly concerned about the appearance; television is their primary source of getting communication about products, they are aware of the concept of brand and have a high degree of brand recognition capacity and lastly any new technology or features attracts this group in a strong manner.  a strongly emerging concept among tween group is of “looking cool” and they using their purchases of goods and services as a medium to express themselves and their identity. This particular attitude is forming the basic of many advertising and marketing communications since last decade as tween group is emerging as a strong and powerful market segment (Achenreiner and John, 2003).


On the basis of market segment and product some communication and advertising objectives are designed which are to be meet by the IMC plan during the stipulated time period.

  1. To ensure that IMC reaches 90 percent of the total market segment over a period of six months.
  2. To ensure that after the completion of IMC and launch of product there would be at least 25 percent market share in hand of company in 1 year.
  3. Brand recognition of the company would enhance in the market segment by 45 percent in the market segment.
  4. Brand recall would move from top 10 mobile manufacturers to top 3 mobile manufacturers in the mind set of market segment.
  5. To enhance the credibility and reliability of brand in the parent’s mind set by 60 percent thus ensuring that products are safe.

Entire marketing strategy and marketing communication would be devised in such a manner that objectives are fully realized by them.Order Now

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