Social Implications Of Mobile Computing

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This is a solution of Social Implications Of Mobile Computing in which we discuss the growth in the adoption of smart mobile devices.

Social Implications Of Mobile Computing Introduction

With the emergence of new technologies and the growth in the adoption of smart mobile devices, there is a fundamental change in the entire living standards and the business operations as well. The latest mobile technology had made a significant effect on the individuals, businesses and the societies to the large extent. The present study is been largely focused on the emergence of mobile computing and its implications in the society. The study would help in evaluating various aspects with respect to the social implications of the mobile computing in details.

Social Implications Of Mobile Computing  Research problem

With the increase in the use of the mobile devices there has been an increase in the issues as well. It has been recently observed that people have inclined towards these technologies at the large extent which had made them much dependent. However, with the advancement of technologies the security concerns had been also increased. It has been observed that impacts of mobile computing have become serious issues in the society. The people in the global society are much surrounded with these technologies and had implied these sources in the daily routines to the great extent.

Social Implications Of Mobile Computing  Significance of research

The present study is includes special significance related to the subject matter of mobile computing. It is very important aspect in the present scenario of technological system development and its implications. The major purpose behind this study is to evaluate and gain enhanced understanding about the social implication of mobile computing and its impacts over it. The study would facilitate each and every individual making use of the mobiles and other computing devices. The study would also benefit in increasing the knowledge and learning about different mobile computing aspects and would assist the researcher in extracting effective findings and conclusion out of it.

Literature Review

Technology in the present era had become the most important and effective aspects which had covered a wide platform of the people either in their professional or personal lives. Technology had emerged its roots in almost all the activities and sectors all over the world. Mobile computing is one of the top most technological advancement which had made the people think in a different way and practice the same in their real lives (Tseng, 2010). This particular section includes the facts collected from their past experiences and studies on the similar subject matter. The literature review covers the wide range of experiences and information of the renowned researcher who have already studied the subject matter and came up with their views.

What is mobile computing

According to, (2013) Mobile computing in the present times is the most popular technological advancement which had influenced a large sector of the people and the societies. Mobile computing is referred to the technology which permits the transfer of voice, data and videos through computer or other wireless devices without connecting to any of the fixed substantial connection. With the increase in the adoption of smart mobile devices like tables, smart phones, etc. had significantly altered the ways of living and carrying out the day to day activities. The basic concept of mobile computing includes mobile hardware, mobile software and mobile communications. Mobile computing is mainly utilized for illustrating the use of computing devices which generally cooperates with an information system while an individual is out of the fixed workplace. It has been found that the technology of mobile computing facilitates in mobile users to access, create, store, process and convey the information without any of the stable location. It helps in expanding the reach of the individuals through interaction and exchange of the information in the larger areas (, 2010). It is been considered as the area of building a platform of information management which is not bound from any of specific location and the challenges from the spaces. This technology allows the flow of information through wireless channels and facilitates the mobility to the users.

Impacts of mobile computing on society and individual

In past few years there has been a remarkable revolution in the mobile sectors. New technologies in mobile phones had made a significant impact on the individuals and the societies as well. The mobile computing devices such as laptops, smart phones, tablets, i-pods, etc. have provided with new phase of instant communication and the traditional modes of communication had undergone complete restoration due to these devices. As per Gikas and Grant (2013), the mobile technological solutions had become major parts in the daily routines of the individuals and the society at large. The mobile computing helps in merging the communication mediums with the widespread capabilities of the internet and merges them with the influential, moveable and intuitive devices which could assist in bringing improvements in the daily livings.
However, on the contrary to this,, (2012) stated that mobile computing had also made the society at risk over their security and safety concerns. As with the flexibility in the transformation of the information the security concerns over the sources increases at the large extent. It has been found that it is unsafe to connect with the other devices as it could lead to the misuse of any of the confidential data.  It has been observed that as mobile computing devices facilitate the users to connect with the virtual world anywhere, anytime as they want. This had decreased the opportunities of interacting with the individuals and had limited the tradition ways of communicating and exploring the outer world. In addition to this, the major impacts is the security concern over the confidential data as the mobiles, laptops or other devices when connected to Wi-Fi or other channels could be hacked, monitored or controlled by anyone else and misuse the same.

Measures to overcome the impacts of Mobile computing

As per Chen and Kamara (2011), the mobile computing has emerged with a widespread impacts on the society. The people have become much aware about the technological use but are not wholly familiar with the issues which could be faced by them. In order to overcome with the issues faced by the mobile computing various measures could be adopted like creating clear policies for accessing the networks, making the users aware about the risks, execute the mobile and cloud based security, etc. The users must be encouraged to use the technologies in an appropriate manner and must be educated against the fraudulent as well. It has been found that with the increase in the awareness about the risk factors the people would use the devices and networks with more attentiveness and security. With the help of adequate knowledge and understanding about the risk factors people would be able to monitor the activities and keep an eye over it. Moreover, these initiatives would help the society in diminishing the impacts at large. In addition to this, people must also know as how to make use of the networks. For instance, Using Wi-Fi for the transmission of data might not be encrypted always and thus the information could be intercepted.

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