Research and Analysis Project Assignment Help

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Research and Analysis Project Assignment Help

Research and Analysis Project Assignment HelpIntroduction

As soon as, I have completed my fundamental examinations of ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants), I decided to get a BSc honors degreein Applied Accounting and for that I have to submit RAP (Research and Analysis Project). The selection of the topic for RAP was very important. I had gone through all the topics provided on OBU (Oxford Brookes University) info Pack 2014, I selected the topic 8 for my Research and Analysis Project and that is “An analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of an organization over three year period”.

Reason for the selection of the Topic, Industry and the Company

My keen interest in carrying out the financial analysis of an organization was the main reason behind my choice for this topic. Being the student of ACCA, the ratio analysis and its interpretation remained a vital part of my accounting curriculum and it developed a special interest of mine towards it. Secondly, I know that an accounting student must be well aware of the key skills of accounting, must be realized with the interpretation of financial statements and must recognize the performance measurement as these are integral parts of ACCA studies.
After selecting the topic, the next task was to select the company and Industry. I selected Cement Industry of Pakistan and Lucky Cement Limited as a company for the RAP. I decided to select an industry and a company in which data could be easily accessible. Lucky Cement Limited is a public company and is listed on all three Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. Its financial statements and other information regarding the company and Cement Industry were easily accessible.

RAP Objectives

This section is about to describe the aims and objectives of Research and Analysis Project. The main objective of this project is to analyze and evaluate the business and financial performance of Lucky Cement Limited over a three year period. The selected period for the analysis was June 2010 to June 2013. Some other objectives of my Research and Analysis Project are the following:

  • To develop an understanding of the effects of a company’s performance on its business strategy.
  • To identify the factors behind the good or bad performance of the company.
  • To become aware of the overall economy of the country.
  • To measure the performance of cement industry of the country over three years.
  • To evaluate the financial performance of Lucky Cement Limited with the use of Ratio Analysis.
  • To judge the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats using SWOT Model.
  • To examine the environmental factors affecting the company’s performance using PEST analysis.
  • To make a clear comparison of Lucky Cement Limited with D G Khan Cement Limited, to summarize the performance of Lucky Cement Limited and to suggest some recommendations.
  • Research Questions

I created the following questions so that my RAP can achieve the above mentioned aims and objectives.

  • How the company has financially performed during the selected period?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Lucky Cement Limited?
  • What are the environmental factors that affected the company’s performance?
  • What are the ethical issues I have to face during my research?
  • Who will be the competitor of Lucky Cement Ltd and how the competitor has performed during the defined period?
  • What are the required interpersonal and communication skills for interaction with my mentor for making the project successful?
  1. Research and Analysis Project Approach

Before starting my Research and Analysis Project, I had a meeting with my college professor Mr. Ahsan Zafar and I told him about my decision. He advised me to have a detailed reading of OBU info pack for 2014. Further, he also told me that the mentoring is the foremost requirement of the RAP. I examined the list of topics available for RAP and I decided to go for topic 8 as I could see that I have much affiliation with this topic. Then I selected that company on which data could be found easily, because my approach of collecting data and information for my report is solely secondary.

I requested Mr. Ahsan Zafar to be my mentor for this project. I had some research on the topic and organization before my firstRAP meeting, but my research was haphazardly done and when I had my meeting with my mentor I came to know that I should follow the appropriate approach for the project, which is its fundamental requirement.

I adopted an organized approach by collecting relevant information and data from secondary source. And the information collection is done by using different mediums of secondary source like books, journal articles, newspaper articles, financial statements and related magazines. I decided the key ratios for financial analysis and SWOT and PEST models for business analysis of the company. Graphs and tables were used for presenting the accounting figures and values so that te analysis could be performed in better way.

As soon as, I made a draft of my Research and Analysis Project, I read my objectives and research questions in order to ensure that the draft of my RAP is meeting the set objectives and research questions. Finally, I made a conclusion and suggested some recommendations for the company.The second part of RAP, Skill and Learning Statement describe how effectively I have used my interpersonal and communication skills. Order Now

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