Report on Future Developments in E-business Models

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Posted on Oct 04, 2016

Report on Future Developments in E-business Models

Report on Future Developments in E-business ModelsIntroduction

As Ideal DIY does not have any digital infrastructure used within the store, hence it constantly needs to check prices by opening manuals and books. This is typical traditional business model where business is done using brick and mortar model. For any organization to have an E-business model, first it needs to have processes that are appropriate in order to run E-business. As Ideal DIY does not have any electronic infrastructure, hence it needs to start a complete change of processes in the organization. In order to go for E-business, Ideal DIY needs to first plan and then execute. The store can have two E-business model, business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C). First it needs to build a website by using internet technologies. Building a website would further require a combination of hardware, software, programming languages, security tools and other various components. The website should be developed in such a way that it satisfies the business model it has adopted, be it business to business model or business to customer model. Website should incorporate all security features as website should be fool proof against any security attack on the internet.
Most of the departments will experience complete change in the work structure once Ideal DIY goes for an E-business.
Let us start with Business to Business model. As Ideal DIY is into retailing, hence in this model it will target organization such as food manufacturing companies. The whole structure of work in the store will change in this model. B2b model will ensure that quantity purchased by the organizations will be much higher than individual customers in B2C model. Hence the revenue receipts in the model will be much higher as compared to revenue receipts in B2C model. In business to customer model, the individual customers will be the buyers who will buy any grocery items or products.  Here marketing department will try to promote the business on various forums and social media platform where there are many users so that it attracts users to visit the website and place the orders on the website. The revenue receipts in this model will be lower as compared to receipts in B2B model. The website needs to much more interactive and user friendly in business to customer model

Key elements of good web design structure

Ease of navigation – Navigation refers to the GPS of the site. This tool provides a map of the different crucial locations. It assists the user in searching a specific location. The site must have this button for easy navigation. The navigation of the website should be in such a way that users can get the desired content as soon as possible. The navigation should be consistent throughout all the pages and on top of all the pages. The titles should be unambiguous and precise. The dropdowns or cascading menus should be used for navigational purposes. Ideal DIY has fantastic navigation layout and it helps the users to go to any section or subsection quite easily.
Attractive visual design – The design of the site should be very lucrative and appealing and must have pleasing colors, layout, theme, pictures etc. The website should be designed in such a way that it looks good visually. For this proper background colours should be chosen, the pages should not be cluttered, the images shown are good, the content is visible easily and various other things. All these things have to be good for a good visual experience.
Confidential – The website must have the feature of confidentiality so that the personal information shared by the users like their telephone number, account number etc. do not get leaked (Emmanouil and, 2009).
Simple payment procedure and easy to choose – The product search option in the website must be very straightforward. Moreover, the online payment system should also be very hassle free.
Target Audience: The designers first have to identify the target audience of the website. Once completed with this task, and then have to design their website keeping their target audience in mind. For Ideal DIY the target audience is varied i.e. the website can be used by any from 15-50 years old, male or female etc. The target audience is too wide for Ideal DIY and hence they have taken the common interests from the public and designed the website for all of them
Content: The website should be rich in content. The website should provide adequate information about all the products that are displayed. The content should be well written, grammatically correct, and should be in flow. The information provided should be just right, it should not be too much that user gets bored neither too less. The content should also be valid and displayed clearly. It should have proper spacing and be spaced in such a way that it is easy to read for any user. The font and font size should also be selected in a proper manner.

Evaluate the impact of a well designed website to an e – business

A perfectly designed website has a positive effect on the intellects of the users. Every website should entail all the elements mentioned above so that users can easily access it thereby increasing the traffic on the site. If the website provides reliable information to its users then this will attract more and more customers to the website as everyone prefers a transparent yet confidential system where sharing of information is very secure (Manzoor, 2010).
A good usable website has clear presentation of ideas in concise and unambiguous manner. Also, the website should be compatible to all devices and appropriate for your all your target audience.
Mentioned below are the various facets of a good website design:

  • Getting visitors- the first step is to attract the visitors in order to grow the business. By implementing various search engine expansion practices, Ideal DIY can increasing its ranking in the search engines and further make the website more visible to the internet users.
  • Keeping visitors- in older to keep the flow of visitors, Ideal DIY should make efforts to lay out the website structure logically in such a way that it will be easier for a visitor to navigate the site, further making it easy to read the information available.

Issues concerning web site usability

Easy to use – This is the main component that impacts the usability of the site. If customers are not able to access the site easily, then they will not use it for making transactions.
Easy to learn – The usability of a site also relies on learning efficiency. The website should include detailed information about the product.
Effectiveness – This refers to the extent to which goals are attained. The site must be effectual for both the company and the society.
Efficiency – This is the total energy spent by the site. Website must entail very less cost on part of the customers and the organization too. The searching cost should be very low (Hasan, Morris and Probets, 2013).
Some of the issues concerning website usability are:

  • Content: The content is important when considering website usability. The users are looking for appropriate content when they visit any website. The website with too many ads and external link will be rated bad in usability and users will not be satisfied.
  • Page Layout: The usability of the website can be affected by the layout of the content and images on the page. Hence, the website should be simple and clean. To make the website more usable the pages should have grids, important content should be in the most readable columns and other things like ads and external links should be at corner of the pages.
  • Colours: The use of inappropriate colours on the web pages can put off the users and can logout from the website. The designers have to use standard and appropriate colours for links, background colour and colour of the written text. There should be a proper colour palette so that content should not become either difficult to read or get hidden completely by the background colour.
  • Browser Compatibility: Different browsers have different have looks and hence website breaks in one or the other browser. The designer should be sure that the website is working properly in each and every browser and also the layout is not being distorted. The designers should also make sure of all the links and navigation are working on every browser.

With the help of above study, it can be stated very articulately that for the purpose of making the service delivery quick and fast, the organization is required to adopt e business model. Through these services, the products and services could be provided in very accurate manner and most importantly the organization can generate high level of revenues as well. In future, the e business model will be on pinnacle and can bring huge level of transformations.  For the purpose of increasing the popularity of website, the feature of security and user friendly navigation facility is required as clear through above report. Order Now


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