Recommendations for Process Assignment Help

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Posted on Oct 06, 2016

Recommendations for Process Assignment Help

Recommendations for Process Assignment HelpIntroduction

Considering the importance of processes in the service industry The Rockhampton Plaza Hotel should give more consideration in getting feedbacks as it uses the feedback books to be filled by the customers at the time of checkout , more conventional and convenient methods can be used such as email feedbacks forms to the customers and taking feedbacks and enabling the customers to share their experiences in the social network pages of the hotels this strategy would attract other guests as social media has emerged as an equally powerful tool for the service industry in the recent past as the word of mouth

  • Implementation of new processes and training for the staff to be flexible enough to adapt to the new and specific customer’s needs and demands
  • The hotel must integrate processes targeted at customer satisfaction
  • Just implementing new processes are not enough they should integrate advanced processes to ensure quality control land maintenance .Processes such as Six Sigma must be implemented by the Rockhampton Plaza Hotel
  • A formal procedure for handling consumer complaints and efforts to reduce them should be integrated
  • Promptness of service should be considered and proper supervision must be provided to the staff to ensure that the efficiency increases and they do the right thing in the right manner (Mucai, Mbaeh, & Noor, 2013)

Recommendations for Personnel

  • There is a need for service industries including hotel companies to recruit leaders who are enthusiastic and have the domain knowledge of the service industry. The Rockhampton Plaza Hotel needs to develop enhanced techniques to identify, attract and retain a better talent pool to gain competitive advantage
  • The hotel needs to follow an appropriate training mechanism for the employees as it follows only on the job training the employees many a times feel a sense of lack of direction they should be provided with both on and off the job training
  • The hotel needs to focus more on employee motivation as it is very important for a service based industry to have motivated staff pool, employees with a positive attitude only can provide best service to the customers. The hotel needs to focus on the intrinsic rewards and consider what are the other factors that motivate the employees apart from their pay package
  • The Rockhampton Plaza Hotel requires developing an organised HRM system and all service industries understanding the importance of managing the personnel should consider the development of enhanced management systems competitive to other industries having the best industry practices
  • Rockhampton Plaza Hotel requires to develop a formal plan and devise strategies for the management development

Recommendations for Promotion

  • Most of the promotional measure that The Rockhampton plaza hotel uses is offering special discounts through popular travel websites, it needs to devise an integrated promotional measure and strategies its promotional mechanism to reach targeted customers
  • The hotel should use Permission E-mail Marketing to reach out to the targeted customers this is done by analysing personal buying patterns of customers and direct mailing the relevant offers and promotional programs to attract them (Marinova, Murphy, & Massey, 2002)
  • The online presence of the hotel needs to be increased to attract global guests as Tourism in Australia is developing there is more influx of global tourists seen as a prosperct increase of customers for the Hotel. This can be done by being more active in online promotion and promotion and showing new offers and discounts in the hotel website, social media suchas Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc
  • Attracting more guests by sponsoring the conductance of public programs and business meetings for companies
  • Special promotional discounts and personal gifts such as key chain and bottle openers with the hotel’s name inscribed can be used by the hotel to create a memory of the hotel in the minds of the guests and organising loyalty programs to retain loyal guests
  • In service industry showing personal care and responses to the customers works wonders so the hotel must resort to techniques such as wishing the guests on their birthdays, anniversaries via personalised emails, having a database of their contact number and responding to them with their names

Recommendations for Price

  • The hotel requires devising its pricing strategy in a manner in order to attract more guests, adopting a competitive pricing strategy is suggested
  • The hotel should devise a strategy to justify that the customers get value for money
  • The dynamic growth of the hospitality industry owing to the growth in travel and tourism has led to the increased competition for the Rockhampton Plaza Hotel is indicative to take serious measure to implement a better pricing strategy
  • The hotel can opt for demand based pricing at times when there is high influx of guests such as holidays, Christmas etc availing special price reduction and rebates to attract more guests
  • The pricing strategy of the hotel should be thus devised that it offers seasonal discounts to the customers
  • Trade discounts to businesses that conduct their meetings and proceedings in the hotel
  • It should offer special discounts to loyal customers and attract customers again such as 10% on second visit. Order Now

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