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Post Graduate Module Project Assignment Help

Post Graduate Module Project Assignment HelpIntroduction

As the developments of the communication technology has transfigured all aspects of life, its obvious impacts are also observed in business environment as well. A number of new innovations are introduced by this enhancing technology (Wikström and Ellonen, 2012).

An important example is referred as the emergence of social media websites. Although, these websites are made for the specific purpose for social networking, but these social media websites also playing its significant role in marketing the products or services.
Many of users share their ideas and experiences relating to products or services. However, online search and purchase and sale are already used phenomenon in business world.

Moreover it is also observed that with the developments of social media websites, product promotion remained no more limited to conventional ways of advertising such as electronic media and main stream printing. Various online social media websites are considered to be better platforms and are increasing their place as rewarding and reliable sources of sales promotion.
As per a research conducted by James (2012), in present day, on daily basis, 100,000 of tweets and 684,478 pieces of content on different aspects are shared on Facebook, 2 million of queries are being researched on Google, 48 hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube, 571 websites are established and approximately 3600 photos are shared on Instagram.

Based on the research conducted by Mckinsey (2011), it is exposed that when companies interact with other individuals and specifically with customers directly while going through their businesses, they generate a marvelous amount of digital ‘exhaust data’; data that is established as by-product of other activities. This large amount of data is shared among billions of individuals including marketers, customers and corporate businesses around the world through smartphones, social media websites and other consumer devices.
It is reported by Sniderman (2012), that the introduction of social media has established a new landscape which lays out a new network of personal connection. This personal connection is not limited and chatting and conversation, but business world also find enormous opportunities in enhancing their businesses. According to Henning-Thurau et al (2004), the online environment is observed and recognized form a new perspective from the organizations in recent years.

The development and emergence of online environment into online stores have transferred the users into consumers. The most significant change that appeared in users through the important role of social media is the communication way of consumers and marketer. Moreover, during the last decade, this particular technical revolution has considerably brought the marketers into one place through transformation in traditional marketing approaches.     .
By observing at the tremendous amount of e-commerce websites, social media campaigns, sales forums and sales emails etc., it is appeared that organizations of all sizes from small to medium and large enterprises are translating their promotion and marketing approaches to the Internet sue to its easy accessibility and availability of data to their target audience and less amount of money involved in it (Choi, 2011).

On the other hand, the conventional advertising methods of mass media communication such as magazines, newspaper and televisions is involved with large money and aims at transmission messages to a wider group of audiences in the hope of reaching the fewer interested ones (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010).
Acknowledging the fact that consumer buying behavior is relatively broader topic and its collection of information and then analysis is quite challenging therefore, the researcher has narrowed down its focus in special context with social market advertising.

This specific research study is based on investigating how social media advertising is effecting on consumers buying behavior. This research study is being done in special context of Nokia; in order to identify and enquire either mobile phone companies such as Nokia proved themselves to be successful in attracting customers through their online advertising of their products.

Background of Case Organization

Nokia is marked as pioneer in cellular industry. It was among those organizations that presented first smart phone in late 19’s and which has changed it into the business sector pioneer among its rivals. However, with the emergence and development of android and iPhone smartphones, Nokia has to confront a declining trend.

It was observed that Nokia gradually lost its market share due to these smart phones which have far better and unique features than Nokia. They have changed the cellular industry and in result Nokia’s branding image has been affected a lot in competitive industry (, 2015).

Nokia is trying to come back with different ways such as the introduction of Microsoft Windows smart phone in order to attract its customers back. As, the purchaser conduct was not appeared to be in accordance with promoting strategies executed by Nokia-Microsoft, Nokia is setting back its key arrangements for attracting its customers and effective social media advertising could be one of those key arrangements.
In this specific research study, the advertising strategies executed by Nokia will be investigated. Researcher will do primary research in case organization in order to get an inside understanding either the company is focusing on Social Media advertising, the company’s  performance as a result and its impacts on Nokia’s customers’ buying behavior. Order Now

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