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Posted on Jun 17, 2016

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By setting clear, quantifiable, realistic, achievable and time-managed objectives, leaders can easily keep the subordinates remain focused on crafting results which enables success & profitability of the organization.These days the objective setting phenomena has been linked with the estimation of current abilities of the management or system and expectations from future.

Leaders need to make ensures that their employees are focused and synchronizedtowards their own objectives in correlation with the company’s goals. It prevents loss of various costs bear by the organization.

The objectives of the firm make it difficult sometimes to keep things going smoothly. It may cause trouble or stress among employees and in such cases the organization needs negotiable leaders needs to come front and third passage needs to be drawn so that the firm can continue functioning on its objectives and employees also remain stick to their jobs.

If we choose a most effective leadership style which suits the employees and type of work we are doing in an organization, it surely enables individuals to bridge the hurdles of the current situation and also the management of employees becomes efficient (Kotter 1999).



A forerunneris needed to have a detailed and thoughtfulinformation about organizational culture along withthe company’s nature and impact of values among employees so that they may connect new or modifiedcompany’s visionsin addition by ensuringsupportersobligation to that dream. The organizational values are the key elements of all itsStrategic operations. They communicate the idea among all employees’ andleaders to stay focused towards the unique visionmade by the organization.

It is the essential part ofmanagementprocedure that the consequencesof principles become most distinguishable. If we say that it is in the direction that mustersdevotion towards a new or modified vision, yes we are right from that part because, this is thecompany’s culture that convenesacceptability ofthat vision. Humans are born with a unique set of needs & want which triggers their perception about reality & behaviors. Those needs are very complex and form their “value system”. Understanding that value system and providing what they want is all the part of leadership and management.

The values of the firm shifts dynamically. The decrease in the ratio of managers with Driven values, and increase in the ratio of managers with Inner & Outer values in the organizations, helps explaining the concept of change in leadership (Lewin, Lippitt & White 1939).

To better explain it in easy words we can say that a corporation’s culture turns out to be more and more distinctive as its supporters become more parallel. The feature of these united values and collectivevaluesmayintensifyamalgamation and advancesharmonization among managerial members.

The ethos of anybusinessin order to perform tasks within the businessmay provide a marginwhich defines the roles which helps insorting out one association from other.It alsodelivers a logic of identity among business.It further enrichesthe stability of social system in organizations as culture is known as the social supergluewhich helps in holding the organization and people together (Sloan 1974).



Organizations may informally bloom culture without any intervention of management or leadership. The organization can develop a culture of its own following a set of procedures consisting values &standards of performances.Organizational belief sclearly reflect the fundamental value configuration of anyassociation. Members of suchassociations inanassumedtraditionalatmosphere share a commonset of values, beliefs and expectations whichinstigate from the confinedbackground. Suchartisticprinciples from the surroundings have astrong impression on the comportment of the individuals within the association.

A leader’s role in a company’s culture depends on how the business wants the manager to interact with other employees and how much authority the business gives the manager. Workers and their officialdomspossesses a culture that commands what is of significance, what to value and what to create.  A number of Academics have accentuatedon collectively pooled, tradition centered, symbolic and intrinsically fuzzy individualities of culture (Heifetz 1994).

A Corporation’s culture is validatedby the valuesand occupational principles that anorganizationexpounds and observes, in wage earner’sattitudes and performance, in the received wisdom people replicates abouttheaccomplishmentsof the organization. The furtherdirectorsrecognize this culturalsituation, the more operative they can bein fluctuate it as per the necessities.

AC 1.2.

Following covers a set of skills required by leaders and management to support the achievement of organizational objectives.

Managers and leaders in this modern and dynamic era need to be Adaptable to organizational and environmental Changes. He needs to possess the quality to identify, assess and move with change according to time, situations and given conditions which fluctuates over the time. He needs to take quality decisions in case of crisis thus he is required to think strategically. Because creative strategies are the keys to survive in a cut throat competitive economy. It’s the duty of effective leaders to bear risk and guide subordinates in harsh conditions (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson 2008).

The skill of being truthful and carrying strong moral principles with the ability to reflect togetherness among employees is also being considered to be the vital essence of a good leader. His Integrity can be followed by a number of employees working under him which in turn reduces the chances of ethical problems in an organization.

Communication skills and interpersonal skills of a good leader draw a hurdle free path for the growth and proper functioning of an organization. The communication skills of a leader comprises of the Ability to transfigure quality ideas into words and routine which helps in integrating generations, different worker classes and juniors. The communication factor also covers attending and querying, the content presentation skills and other vocal and non-vocal arrangements.

The organizational leaders are required to possess different Conceptual Skills and Talents to use different types of information in order to resolve industry relatedproblems.These skills requires proper recognition of prospects for the improvement in future, identifyingpredicament areas and accomplishingexplanations. The leaders needs to choose vital evidences from heaps of statistic calculations andafter Analysing those information fragments they need to understand the business model or organization and then decisions regarding what can be done better are drawn (Vroom & Sternberg 2002).

The organizations these days focus on effectiveness and efficiency in the work, thus new leaders are being made/inculcated with Effectiveness Skills which Contributes to collective bargaining of departmental goals. These leaders are needed to be client focused, multitasking, andeffective from all point of views. They must have proper negotiation/bargaining skills, Idea of project supervision, studyingmeasures and applying developments in the organization after assessing internal and external trends of business by bringing and upholdingorganizational standards. Apart from effective and communication skills the new leader are needed to be equipped with trendy management and acceptable Interpersonal Skills. These skills cover a large share of skills that how leader is involved with training and mentoring of the workforce, how its functioning is with dissimilarand diversified workers, customers, suppliers and civilizations. The Interpersonal skills simply deal with networking inside and outside of the organization with reciprocated aid and commitment.

Leadership is vibrant competent and interpersonal process, which deliberately requires particular skills and competences for envisaging, setting targets, and for encouraging others. Some researchers viewed transformational guidance from the viewpoint of leader’s impact on their dependents. Culture can be said as a duplication of the rules, ethics, shared social anticipations and expectations that guide the developmental configurations of associates in a manufactured association (Zaccaro & Banks 2001).

Thus advance tools to recognize areas of ability and aptitude insufficiency are required so as the organization may boost the effectiveness of the employees and it will lead to connecting appropriate skills and abilities which are key drivers of improving organizational performance.

The organizations should aim at creating a culture of trust in organization as it is the harbinger of congenial working environment. In an organization that has interesting environment, members transmit more information with higher fidelity to a superior or work partner whom they trust. Trust provides conditions under which cooperation, higher performance and more positive attitudes are likely to occur.

Task 2

AC 1.3.

When a learner takes the role of a leader, it is noted that he has to equip himself with personal leadership & management skills to get work done from others and also to guide employees in a better way. A leader is needed to be held responsible for his team members, who actively take your commands in order to perform them. These all targets are closely linked with the company’s objectives, and as the group/teammember’sstarts toaccomplish their targets it brings smile on the personnel working to the company, for the company and by the company (Pockell 2007).

For anyleader it is imperative to have the proficient communication skills, analytical and problem solving skills, strategic decision makes skills, creative &strategic forecasting, hasty learning skills, and the interpersonal relationship building abilities, negotiation talentsothers with him. Other than that the company is required to make added profits and with the help of these skills, the marketing managersare able to support the company by achieving the objectives by bringing more sales to the organization.

The recruitment and selection of the new employees should be done on the basis of the congruence between their values and those espoused by the organizations. This will enable the organizations to retain their labor force that is devoted to the aforementioned core value system of organization. The situation in organizations worldwide is quickly fluctuating and the thrilling words like the culture and the leadership have become replacements for appreciating the industry. If beliefs and ideas are the foundation of the culture, then some champions personalize those values and characterize the strength of the association”.

It is strongly advocated that governance style must be accustomed in accordance to the condition to ensure administrative efficiency. Transformational frontrunners service for the modelling and preservation of anticipated directorial philosophies which may partake a certain link to administrative effectiveness(Business balls 2009).

As a leader it is essential to possess fluent interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to handle problems that emerge in day to day business, resolution making talents, creative strategic forecasting, speedy learning skills, and negotiation skills with him. In this era the main objectives of the business houses is to attract more customers towards the industry and when the leader is found to be good in rapport building, the decision making and communication plays important role to target more customers while keeping the current customers with the organization.

AC 2.1.

Personal improvement is a continuing process which, for a number of people and businesses, continues all over life. We all progresses and changes as we turn old. This is an unescapable process and an outcome of experiences gained through life.

The company covers a number of opportunities in order to develop leadership and management skills which are covered in the passage below

Feedback and analysis of same feedback which is received from various internal and external sources including the customers, employees, competitors and dealers of the company is considered to be the best opportunity to improve one’s management and leadership skills. These feedbacks works like a catalyst to tell that what needs to be improvised and what the leaders and management is lacking in. Many companies conduct regular feedback assessment not only in order to seek better points from any assessment agency in market, but also to utilize the outcomes of those feedbacks and strengthen the inner circle of leaderboard and management board (Chin 2015).

Self-assessment regarding your own motivation is the second key to improve the leadership and management skills in an organization. If the leaders who are in position self-analyses about what they are doing as “regular job,” it’s going to spectacular. In the process of being an effective leader, the managers need to take the precise motivation. Many creative corporates advises their leaders to actually ask themselves about why they wishes to be prime in field, and hence on behalf of the results the leaders are further asked to motivate themselves by stirring sense of financial and non-financial benefits.

Effective leadership and management skills are obligatory to stay forward of the competition and substitution effects faced in market. The display of high integrity and honesty symptoms at workplace triggers employees to work according to the commands received from superiors which overall helps in fighting competition. Due to the competitive forces changing rapidly, there seems to be need to modifying and improving Leadership and management within organizations.

In the list of identifying objectives and opportunities for development of leadership and management skills the organizations need to also consider the factorssuch as globalization and the promptness of high-technology changes and improvementswho altogether fuel this opportunity to continuously develop. Global market comes up with new strategies and skills other day, hence it is the responsibility of organizations to keep gearing leaders and management to evolve so as to run neck to neck with global markets (Lepsinger, Anntoinette, Calif & Bass 2009).

AC 2.2.

Personal development objective Specific actions Possible blockers Support required Time frame Results
1 Improved leadership skills (communication and interpersonal relationship) To guide, assist, motivate and take strict actions if required for manpower.

To interact with different types of people. To practice and improving speaking languages fluently

Friendly nature with people and disability to access when and how to reward employees.
Use of informal means of communication by target people.
Checklist containing assessment criteria for employees and their tasks.
People to talk to.
Coaching for fluency, environment where communication and vocab can be improved
6 months It will help in motivating workforce according to their performance and punishments will also be used where employees are found to be wasting time or not doing their assigned work properly.

It may also help in establishing a good informal means of command chain, which sometimes provides quick and prominent results.

2 Understanding management methodology To gain knowledge about how work is to be get done by employees Little exposure to reality A bi-weekly, weekly or monthly visit to industries.

Conversation with administrators.

6 months It will help in raising my knowledge and the experience levels & will also help in the better understanding about how theoretical knowledge is linked with practical knowledge / situations.
3 Developing negotiation skills and understanding basic concepts of Financial Accounting To know more about finance and its benefits in organizations.
To know how to handle problems by using negotiation as a tool.

Lack of time.

Teaching skills of a teacher.

Extra classes for finance, assignments over share markets and operations &some spare time to brush up my skills myself at home.
Participating in the negotiation focused training program.
6 months It will imbibe the knowledge of financial terms so that I can investigate any financial loss in enterprise and can check funds flow all by myself.
4. To amplify democratic leadership style by better Understanding behavior of employees Use formal and informal means of communication in order to bring out more information from employees. Interest of employees themselves, the position I am at brings less crowd. Order from manager or administrator to have departmental parties, a chair with manager himself on the position of observer only. 6 months I will be able to observe the behavior of employees during formal and informal schemes which will help on identifying that which method is suitable to extract information from them.

(Gold, Thorpe & Mumford 2010)

When the above mentioned plan was being implemented, it was most essential to go through all the mandatoryphases of the proposed plan. As mentioned in the planned structure it maytakeapproximately two full years to implement itwhile covering all forecasted objectives within proposedtime period.

According to the pointslisted it wasvital to upsurge the level of coreleadership skills (communication and interpersonal relationship), to Understanding management methodology,Developing negotiation skills & understanding basic concepts of Financial Accounting and to amplify democratic leadership styling skills by better Understanding behavior of employeesat workplace.

It may take about sixmonths to develop the autonomous leadership skills which require effective and fluent communication skills along with strong interpersonal skills by doing more theoretical and practical studies related to the topic in order to increase the understanding about it. In the words of Carldwell, “it is essential to provide team-work for the working group associates to progress the teams. After that they will be able to start making efforts as a team and will make their decisions.” This concept is linked to sustain the democratic leadership style while understanding the behavior of employees at workplace. When the assigned members do the team-work as instructed, it is required to value their presentationand their judgment making abilities. With this, the manager will be able to get an excellent idea regarding the work team and their unique special features (Adair 2008).

When it is takes the second objective is supported to increase the negotiation skills and for that manager can learn it through the experience. But to get the knowledge it is important to participate in the training programs and it develops the thinking pattern of the manager. Also through the studies (like financial management) it is able to get more idea about different type of negotiation case studies. To develop personal skills like this individual has to work out such as he is able to do more reading and speaking.
Since it was mentioned in the company’s objectives, that the company is expected to get more sales and amplify profits. On the same side they are required to justify the customers and deliver them what they are looking for. And for this very purpose it is essential to equal the objectives of the individual with those of the company necessities. To obtain the company objective manager has to perform well in his job and for that he has to have the necessary skills with him. Therefore it is important to have negotiation skills, communication skills and the leadership knowledge with that person to perform well in his job.

As explained by Gomez-Mejia (2008, pp 19) when developed the objectives it has to do after evaluation. Since this is a personal development plan required person as to do a self-evaluation to find the weak points and the requirements of that person. After that he is able to develop the objectives. These objectives should match with the company objectives and there should have interconnection between those objectives (Gold, Thorpe & Mumford 2010).

Original objective Result
Improved leadership skills (communication and interpersonal relationship) Significantly there is an increase in the communication and interpersonal skills over the time by properly practicing speeches and meeting new people for six months as decided before.
Understanding management methodology I learnt management concepts during several industrial visits in those six assigned months. There I came to know that management is not only about getting work done by peoples, but also about taking care of employees also so that they will not feel quitting frequently.
Developing negotiation skills and understanding basic concepts of Financial Accounting During next six months, I have started reading books of FM by myself. The managersand some staff from private coaching’s were also of a great help in understanding negotiation skills. It helps by coming over my shyness too as I now feel confident and comfortable to initiate conversations with strangers like I know them from last years or more. The subject I used to hate most is now getting friendly.
To amplify democratic leadership skills by better Understanding behavior of employees We have decided to set six months for this activity but I believe one or two more months would have worked better. This phase requires more work to do. Understanding behavior is considered to be the most complex task all over the globe.But I certainly did learnt the features of democratic leadership style. It helps me to see the world or industries from a different point of view.

Reviewing Personal Development Plan against original developments-

(Routledge & Jan 2007)

It feels privileged to evaluate the usefulness and objectivity of the personal development plan we have decided before and this can be done by using dissimilaravailable techniques and procedures. In order to evaluate the Democratic leadership skills improvement via communication and interpersonal skills enhancementthe individual himself is able to evaluate his succession whether he/she is bright enough to exert more work from the team and whether he can provide opportunities to make decisions effectively etc. He is now in position to calculate the number oftasks and assignments he has given to groups and teams in the time span of one month and then how many conclusionswere drawn by the team. These specificparticulars will upkeepthat leader to change his mentalitytowards democratic leadership style and assessing which one is better to possess within his own workingorganization. The leader may increase the readings about democratic leadership stylesfrom a number of books and journals available worldwide.

Talking about the other skill, when the leader has inculcated the negotiation skills within him is in position to evaluate the contents by finding out the number of negotiations he did per month with the results regarding how many negotiations were actually succeeded in comparison with how many of them were lost. Thus, by calculating such performance data for each month after the negotiation skills training program, he is in the position to find out the progress of his training. When he is instigating the communication skills, the leadermay request for feedback from the patrons and other peoplehe is dealing with, and from those predictions he will be able to find his advancement/strengths and the weaknesses (Lepsinger, Anntoinette, Calif & Bass 2009).


Areas of further development includes-

  1. Physical Appearance, Style and Body language – The looks of a leader also matters when he is representing workforce. There is specific aura in Fit and Fine human. And for that, I need to hit any health club soon in order to grow some lean muscles out of fat tissues. The aura of leader helps in representing most of his words, and for that I need to take proper care of my dressing sense, accessories and facial attributes along with some work on gestures and postures.
  2. Communication – I further need to work over my communication skills. I think I am not that much effective in representing masses that a good leader should be, but I can represent 30-40 people easily.
  3. Ability to Inspire – I am lagged behind this ability. I don’t know what I should start doing to make people follow me and set examples so that they may feel inspired.
  4. Entrepreneurial skills- I have the potential I know, but professional entrepreneurial skills are also an integral part of a good manager. I believe I should further add some new things to my current entrepreneurial abilities which will help establishing myself in a good leader.
  5. Getting more into innovations and risk bearing.
  6. Excelling computer know how. The basics of office related software’s and hardware’s (Chin 2015).

Updated Personal development plan-

Personal development objective Tasks Expected time for completion
1 Improved leadership skills (communication and interpersonal relationship) To study the different case studies related to the democratic leadership styles,

To increase the engagement with work groups,

To appraise the team members judgment making percentages.

To study new texts of English language,

In order to develop the fluent English speaking, more vocal practice.

5 Months
2 Understanding management methodology To pay a Visit in other corporations and study how they use dissimilar management practices from that of his own company. 5 months
3 Developing negotiation skills and understanding basic concepts of Financial Accounting To Participate in the negotiation skills training program.

To know how to use negotiation in order to increase profits by reducing implied costs.

5 months
4. To amplify democratic leadership style by better Understanding behavior of employees To Use the previous gained experience and thoroughly study different case studies based on leadership styles.

To Participate in any toast master programmes and read more about the concepts.

9 months

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