Marketing of Service Product

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Marketing of Service Product

Marketing of Service ProductExecutive Summary

This report gives a real life insight on the analysis and understanding of service providing company and justification that the chosen company is a service provider. I have chosen The Rock hampton Plaza Hotel for my analysis of the service industry that I have visited.
The method of analysis used in this study is by using each of the 7P’s of the existing components and a comparison between the actual components and that of the ones mentioned in the literature of relevant Journal Articles. I have conducted the analysis based on my personal experience and analysis on visiting the hotel.
Results of this study depicts that the marketing mix of the service industry is quite different than to the goods industry. The service marketing mix has the unique characteristic of integration of people, processes and physical evidence resulting to the integration of the additional 3P’s in it. Each of these elements needs to be strategically integrated according to the service the company provides to gain maximum competitive advantage.
The report has enabled me to draw the following recommendations;

  • The hotel needs to develop more formal training procedures as just the on job training that it uses is not enough
  • The motivational forcers should be considered by the hotel as in a service industry motivated staff delivers excellent customer services
  • The Hotel needs to work more in conventional promotion to have competitive edge. Promotion by social media is a cost effective tool by which the hotel can connect to large staff pool
  • Rockhampton Plaza and all other hotels in the industry requires to focus more on having a better people in the marketing mix and encourage people with right managerial skills and attitude to be recruited in the hotel
  • The hotel needs to focus more on competitive pricing and develop pricing strategy according to their specifications and industry trends

Introduction –
1.1 Purpose– The purpose of this report is to analyse the marketing mix of the service providing industry and analysing the 7P’s of the service industry of my choice. It covers a critical analysis of the 7P’s of the company chosen with that of the existing literature about it. Also the extended 3P’s analysis of the service mix to justify that the chosen company is a service provider and not a provider of products.
Background – Rapid changes and new trends in the hospitality industry have led to the increased integration of marketing concepts and principles in them. In this report I have analysed the hospitality industry taking the example of The Rockhampton Plaza Hotel, located in the Bruce Highway that I have visited a few times. I have chosen this because the preferable and high visibility location of the hotel and it’s in reach distances to many attractions such as Botanical Gardens, Capricorn Caves, Riverside Walks etc and the extensive services provided by them has led to the development of their marketing mix


Justification of the service providing nature of the Hotel

The hotel unlike any products company meets the service demands of its customer.  Hotels provide similar services to satisfy customer needs. Rockhampton Plaza Hotel is a service provider because the prime goal of the organisation is to satisfy the service needs of the customers by providing services to the customers. Hospitality sector is a service oriented industry because the prime organisational goal of the sector is to provide service and not goods of any kind.
My analysis has proved the existence of the extended 3P in the marketing mix of the company chosen by me further justifying and substantiating the service nature of the chosen company.

Rockhampton Plaza Hotel – The 7P analysis

An analysis of the 7P of the hotel which will include the components of the marketing mix as indicated in the figure below.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix enables an easy understanding of the marketing operations of the firm and a clear distinguishing factor of marketing with other activities of the firm. It is considered as the marketing elements that can be controlled and is a tool for a viable sustenance and profit bearing business operation. Mix is used to plan the marketing elements. Booms and Bitner suggested that owing to the unique characteristics of the service having inclusion of elements like People, Process and Physical Evidence, the Marketing Mix of Service Industry should include three more P’s. The analysis of the marketing mix of the service industry has become a subject of intensive recent research and interests of the thinkers. Significant change in the social, environmental and political marketing environment coupled with rapid technological advancements has revolutionised the needs and demands of the customers leading to more focus on the study of marketing mix to analyse the nature of specific markets better (Constantinides, 2006).
This element of the marketing mix includes all the elements and components that are required to constitute a service generating value to the customers. Analysing the product marketing mix of The Rockhampton Plaza Hotel we find that the hotel provides service products with an aim to satisfy the specific wants of the customers. They provide customized service products to the guests who avail accommodation services, or for wedding, conference and functions. Types of service product in the hotel are;

  • Accommodation Services:

They have three types of rooms;

  • Executive
  • Deluxe and
  • Royal Rooms

The choice of the above rooms types determine the room rent and special services provided.

It has 66 well furnished rooms and 24/7 reception and services. They give a wide choice to the guests to choose their accommodation style s according to personal preferences they have Standard Queen, Executive Room and Deluxe Room options for the guests. The room service is complimented with many value added services like LCD TV in all bed rooms, daily housekeeping services on request, coin-operated laundries and laundry services

  • Comfort and Entertainment: To ensure comfortable and enjoyable accommodation services they equip it with facilities such as parking, swimming pool, sports, gym, internet, they can get documents printed scanned and photo copied etc.
  • Facilities : Other services that they accommodate are family functions, conferences, wedding celebration, business centre etc
  • Bar and restaurants: A stay without providing food is not complete. They have the Fountain View Restaurant to meet the purpose of providing food meeting the breakfast and dinning needs of the guests.Order Now

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