Internet Technologies For Online Business

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Internet Technologies For Online Business

Internet technologies and their roles in making online business succesful

While IDS store will impalement e-business models then several internet technologies including packet switching, client server system, Intranet, Extranet, CRM and SCM would be beneficial for the enterprise (CIO, 2014).Organization can use Cloud computing for reducing cost on infrastructure set-up and increase security of database of organization (price lists and catalogues).Intranet will be used for sharing information or enhancing computing services within an organization. Extranet can be helpful for IDS store in the context of Business to business model and link with SCM software so that firm will be able to communicate with suppliers and solve their queries regarding to price and provide catalogue information at right time. For executing online transaction and fund transfers services, IDS store will require EFT and EDI techniques. E.g. Packet switching technique would be beneficial for enterprise in term of setup ofa dedicated connection between business partners and various departments and send more than 2 MB of data in a quick manner.

Internet Technologies For Online BusinessExplain the main features of HTML

The HTML stands for the Hyper Text Markup Language and it is also known as static webpage designing language. It is to acknowledge that HTML helps in ensuring the flexibility of the website and allows making use of small markup tags.
Below the list of unique features of HTML has been presented in a proper manner:

  • Interactive: The main feature of HTML is that it helps in making the website more interactive and communicating from the user’s perspectives. It supports the video streaming and high quality animation and most importantly the element of fluid animation along with the integration with the networking sites can also be ensured with the help of HTML (Edward and Ku, 2012). The contents and facilities of HTML are very rich and innovative.
  • Elegant forms: By using the HTML language, the reduction of java scripts can be ensured and it helps in alluring the visitors to get attracted towards the webpage. The level of flexibility generally increases and it is user friendly as compared to other programming languages (Enrico andPaul Lapoule, 2012).
  • Accessibility: The coding and designing of the webpage could be done in an effective manner if programmer has made use of HTML 5. The structure is also very much user interface.
  • Need of web application: The cited organization can ensure that HTML has been used into the webpage extensively. Through this feature the price list can be maintained in an effective manner and the data can also be maintained accurately. Drag and drop tools, easy fonts are some of the user friendly features of HTML 5 which could be treated as additional features of the HTML 5 (Enrico andPaul Lapoule, 2012).
  • Client side database: The structured data could be stored accurately in HTML as it acts as storage bin for the session storage and local storage can also fostered. Online information like cookies can also be stored with the help of HTML 5. It is to acknowledge that cookies could be helpful in storing or extracting the details of the users.

Discussed below are the suggestions to Ideal DIY store in dealing with operational issues:

Ideal DIY store is active into the business of flooring, desks and molding and roofing and they are one of the highly diversified companies within the UK. The list of problems of the company includes the price fluctuations and most importantly poor communication is also one of the major operational issues of the company. Due to lack of communication with suppliers, the management is not been able to maintain their pricing structure and the supply chain has also got disturbed. It is to acknowledge that they don’t have proper e management tool that can enable to exchange the information in an effective way. Thus, it prevents them to meet out the satisfaction level of customers (Turban.andWetherbe, 2008).
In order to deal with these issues Ideal DIY needs to focus on the implementation of e management system and tools. Through this feature, they can easily act in accordance to the market situations and can maintain proper coordination and communication as well. The major benefit of e management tools is that it is helpful in making the integration among the various departments. The relationship with suppliers can also be maintained in healthy way and the pricing structure could be aligned with the organizational goals and objectives. Further, Don Lumber’s can make the use of e business systems and tools as a monitoring technique while managing the relationship with suppliers. E business tools like ERP, MIS etc. have direct relationship with the effective performance of the company and it contributes into the proper inventory management as well (Paul, 2002). Also interaction with customers can also improve if e management is concrete and firm. Apart from these solutions Data driven model, web catalogue model etc. these techniques could be implemented by the cited organization, it can help in updating the actual prices for the goods and most importantly the access to the information process could be improved. Ideal DIY store can easily find the customers and approach them, ease of transactions, seamless transactions and many other advantages. Below are advantages of E- Business:

  • Global accessibility and sales reach
  • It helps in widening the availability of information
  • It enhances work integration to a world class level
  • Reduces cost
  • It builds up better relationships with the customers.
  • It saves time and space.

Mentioned below are the various E business models and their expediency in revenue generation:

Business to business model: The supply chain management activities like order tracking and supplier ordering etc. could be improved through this model. In this model, the healthy relationship with suppliers could be maintained and they can sell and purchase the raw material and items online (Gerstner, 2002). The purchasing process used in b2b:

  1. Need recognition- The process starts when the store identifies their customer needs that can be satisfied by products or services. This helps them in procuring best products to serve their customers.
  2. Quality determination- after identifying their customers need determine the required characteristics and quantity of the product to fulfill their needs.
  • Developing specifications- Ideal DIY store define their product specifications to pare down the list of essential products that can meet the customer needs by eliminating confusion.
  1. Supplier selection- The suppliers are carefully selected by reviewing the proposals to identify the suitable suppliers who consider the specific buying situations, product attributes and their prospective valuation.
  2. Evaluation and feedback- Ideal DIY periodically evaluates the performance of the supplier’s to modify and improve their delivery and procurement process
  • Business to Consumer model: In order to understand the behavioral aspects of the customers, this model should be utilized with an immediate effect. Through applying this model, the revenue generation capacity of the company could be increased. They can make direct contact with the customers and product range could be improved at very large scale. The purchasing process used in b2c:
  1. The buying process starts with the purchase decisions of the customers are identified to fulfill their needs. They tend to get influenced by advertising and promotion techniques that introduce the products.
  2. The potential purchases are made by understanding product specifications. Consumers are often aware of their needs but very seldom they draw product specifications. Hence this helps in flexibly looking at their purchasing potentials.
  • Consumers prefer brand recognition to build their trust for the products and making comparative shopping. They check comparative reviews on media. Hence assessing the reliability and reputation of supplier is essential for Ideal DIY.
  1. Consumers are more liable to make impulsive purchases probably by discussing with their friends which influence their purchase decisions.
  2. Post purchase services are key components of b2c sales. Thus the level of customer care offered by a supplier is a crucial part of consumer’s decision to purchase.
  • Web catalogue model: This model is beneficial to get in touch with both customers and company (E-business Revenue model, 2011). Communication improvement is the major contribution of this model and management can also become effective. Thus in this way, the issues related to unstructured pricing and low level of communication could be resolved through these models. Order Now

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