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Internet Marketing Assignment Help

Internet Marketing Assignment HelpIntroduction

Internet has let the improvisation; this has been done for the benefit of the companies. In this report, we will take a look at the concept of Internet Marketing with an analytic approach. Discussing the concept of Internet Marketing, the concept will be guided by a number of evidences. This will take into account Internet Marketing Mix, SEO techniques etc. With the help of these analytic tools, the concept of Internet Marketing, also known as e-marketing will be studied and analyzed with a better approach. For analysis of Internet Marketing, two reputed companies McDonald’s and L’oreal have been taken as examples.
In this report, the topic of electronic customer relationship management has been paid special consideration. Hence, to bring out a transparent conclusion, a relation has been derived with business etiquettes such as communication in the process of Internet Marketing. All these topics have been complemented by a radical and logical process toward understanding the concept of Internet Marketing. This bring in the effectiveness of utilities such as SEO, Search engine marketing etc.
The whole assignment is divided into four tasks that is a concrete consideration of the above mentioned topics. Let’s begin it in the layered approach.

TASK 1 Understanding Marketing through Internet

1.1 Explain the elements of internet marketing

Online marketing has reached to a certain level which can be termed as the most intensifying level of reaching the people. Being designated as the internet marketing manager at McDonald’s, I would be focusing on the basic marketing strategies over the Internet that would be focusing on the key integrities of global marketing. Let’s begin by understanding the basic features of Internet Marketing.
Elements of Internet Marketing can be summed up as:

Search Engine Optimization

This is a tool that targets the most used keywords in the industry; this is highly advantageous to the company as it helps the company to target the prospects in a much better way. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been highly keyword centric these days. There is a high need to be visible to the target customers; hence, it’s need is seen from a magnifying angle.
McDonald’s has already established itself as brand image in the market; in such cases, the company’s name itself forms to be a major keyword that is searched by a great number of people/customers. Here, people might begin the search with burgers or french fries, however, the primary keyword will always be McDonald’s. The more SEO centric the website of the company is, the more it is tend to be visited by the customers.

Banner Advertising

This tactic requires a proper choice of the websites as well; this refers to choosing the ideal ones first, and then, posting advertisements on those websites. For this, one needs to select websites that are targeted to similar kind of people; else, the customers visiting those sites may not be interested in clicking on the company’s ads.
For example, since McDonald’s is a reputed food chain all over the world, sites related to entertainment houses or cinema halls etc. Since food is the perfect accompaniment at such places, McDonald’s can be equally appealing to the target customers (Hamill, 1997).

Quality Content

Content should not seem to be boring or monotonous; it should be ensured that the content published over Internet is highly engaging and can even has the ability to persuade a customers and change his/her approach toward a given subject. This is the prime attribute of quality content.
Social Media Promotion
Social Media communication has highly turned out to be the prime source of two-way communication. The companies can now get instant feed backs on their posts that they intend to perform for promotional deeds. Through social media promotion, companies can inculcate the awareness of their brand among the customers. This helps them to connect with the target customers and also build in new consumers for the company (Fleischner, 2011).

1.2 Evaluate the Internet Marketing Mix.

Now, we will be discussing the Internet Marketing Mix for McDonald’s and will analyse the strategies that it has adopted in order to fetch in more customers for the company. This is described as 4Ps whose brittle substances are Product, Price, Place, promotion.
McDonald’s has implemented a unique strategy in terms of product marketing to the customers. In Internet marketing, the foremost hurdle is that of the lack of tangibility of products. Hereby, the companies need to adopt techniques that can seem to engage the target. In this case, target is everyone from the age of 15-60; being a family product, there is a high possibility to be visited by a large variety of age groups. Hence, McDonald’s has created a website that is highly interactive and imparts you the feeling of visiting a physical store once clicked on the home page.
In Internet Marketing, a customer tends to perceive a mental image of the products by seeing then tasting. Moreover, being denoted as a reputed brand, the company also faces certain risks of psychological barriers before setting up a price for the products. In addition to this, it should offer a price that is comparable to the prices of similar products offered by other companies. In this way, it has not listed the prices of the products at the website; rather, it has followed a structure that depicts calorific value of the food products and its serving time at the retailer stores. Its credibility can be described in the promotions option where it has clearly defined its motive.
This is a great and perhaps, one of the most accessible places to shop for the products; however, at McDonald’s UK, it is more of an information provider than being a shopping destination. Here, people are exposed to the platform to be educated regarding nutrition, calorific values of food, in addition to the promotional offers and product descriptions of the company. Through this, McDonald’s have the direct access to the customers so that they can educate the proper things about food to the target and eradicate myths regarding health and hygiene. Through this, they can definitely take a step ahead in forming a community of educated customers combining to form the loyal base of customers.
Banner advertising and direct mails can be effective methods to promote the products to the target customers. Direct marketing has been in use by the company to a large extent which considers its reputed brand image in the market. Moreover, it has initiated different promotional campaigns that are embedded and adjusted within the website structure. These are effective to promote products offered by McDonald’s to its customers. In addition to all these, McDonald’s can use interactive campaigns for different segments of the target and promote them effectively. This can be effectively performed with the visage of newsletters to the loyal base of customers; which can also be applied to the development or launching of a new product. Moreover, testimonials and web reviews can be published in different sites that can lead up to a hike in traffic from various online sites. The first thing that the customers identify with the reputed brand is the brand image of a M with the tagline placed below it (Dholakia, 2005).

1.3 Compare internet marketing tools – e-tools

Following are the internet marketing tools that are kept at par with the recent changes in the industry:
Understanding Customers
SEO has become an integral part in internet marketing; hence, it is highly required to understand and have knowledge regarding the search behavior of the customers on Internet. Google Keyword Search is extremely important in performing the same. With the help of Google Keyword Planner, one can search for the most searched keywords in the current market conditions and can implement it in the websites to gain more traffic.
Understanding Competitors
Google Ad Planner is used to find the size of audience and also, the dimensions of the audience, It is required in order to place a benchmarking of the competitors.
Social Media Updates
Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are used for managing social media updates. Through Hootsuite, one can get a convenient approach toward posting updates and analysing the same over social media platforms. This is a free tool and is extremely helpful if one needs to post content on any social platform, even Google+. Tweetdeck is mainly confined to Twitter.
Mach5 Mailer
This is helpful when it comes to provide efficiency to the process of email communication. This helps one to avoid spamming policies and hence, is a very credible approach in Internet Marketing process.

1.4 Examine interactive order processing.

Interactive Order Processing is an important process in Internet Marketing. This is more common in the shopping destinations which enable the process of shopping to be conducted over Internet; however, McDonald’s does not really provide the same approach. Hence, it needs to work out on this issue. McDonald’s has already developed mobile apps for accessing information provided on the formal website; however, it could have added to the value by serving products online. It could have been extremely effective if food products from McDonald’s could have been purchased online. Through this, the customers are exposed to the factors of accessibility to a larger extent. Moreover, if imparted with such a facility, the customers would be able to buy McDonald’s products at their ease with enabling of online transactions. However, people can always order food through telephones by ticking down the numbers from the websites. Interactive online processing would cause a decrement in the amount of workforce involved in serving the customers. For this, effective communication is the call of the hour in order to be confident in adopting such an approach. The company oughts to serve the customers at the most convenient way according to them (Blyth, 2011). Order Now

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