Implementing a Sustainable Change Management Strategy

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Posted on Dec 23, 2013

Following tactics can be used for implementing the change:

  1. Information Gathering: Conduct a number of survey, conference calls, employee discussions, meetings of board, and various presentations in order to generate inputs from various stakeholders involved in the change process. In order to enhance the quality of information gathered and also to boost the employee morale these tools would be beneficial. Making the stakeholders feel important by valuing their inputs helps in reducing the resistance to an impending change and also increases satisfaction.
  2. Change Network: The change would begin at the top management level by inducting a CMO followed by introduction of his team members. Once the team is formed an official release would be made to the media for external stakeholders and an internal company function would be organized for internal stakeholders. This would ensure uniform and strong communication to all. The employees would be allowed to present their feedback and the same would be considered while forming the team. Internal competition to identify talent for the newly formed positions would also encourage innovation and new career paths for the existing employees.
  3. Communication: Various diverse means of communication vehicles can be used in the current context for the purpose of informing the various stakeholders about the impending change. For starters a survey should give the employees a hint, followed by an official email to the internal stakeholders announcing the idea of inducting a new CMO. Email would make the change official and also reach out to all employees. Official letters to the media agency would be ideal for informing them about this new change as it would ensure that they do not influence the organization decision at this point of time.
  4. Review and Feedback: The CEO who is spearheading this project would take weekly reviews in order to understand the current level of progress and the issues being faced while implementing the change. The barriers as identified have to be overcome carefully by means of personal discussions and authority as required and deemed fit. This is important to ensure that the change process is complete and also to avoid unwanted delays.

As outlined in the change management process, anchoring the change so as to ensure that it persists into the organizational culture is an important step and requirement. There are various measures that can be taken in order to ensure that the change management strategy is sustainable:

  • Measurements and Assessments: Periodic reviews, status checks, and measurement against pre-defined metrics helps an organization in ensuring that the change is on the track and that people inside and outside the organization are accepting the change.
  • Benchmarking and Satisfaction Surveys: Using a dashboard kind of a solution to display the progress of a change for all employees and pushing them towards achievement of a certain industry standard always motivates them towards extending their capabilities and also enjoying and appreciating the change. Also conducting surveys to judge and capture the mood of the various stakeholders post implementation of the change helps in understanding the acceptance levels.
  • Celebrations: For certain types of changes companies can also throw various parties to the stakeholders that were involved or were affected by the change. This is a means of appreciating the efforts of the employees and also boosts the confidence in the new system.
  • Promotions and Succession Planning: Appreciating good work and nurturing talent for future leadership are important means of retaining talent and also creating an example for rational changes being opportunities for success and career growth.
  • Training and Development: Scheduling various training and enablement programs for various employees to make them comfortable with the new system helps in increasing their acceptance level for the change.

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