Implementation of The Research Project

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This is a solution of Implementation of The Research Project in which we discuss The set of data which is available over adequate secondary sources is termed as the secondary data.

Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures

In order to propose research investigation there are few agreed specifications and procedures such as:
Primary data: The set of data which is gathered from the primary source is termed as primary data. The feature of this data set is it is having raw nature and gathered for first time. This data analysis set need to be analysed and evaluated properly in order to get the relevant and adequate information from it. Primary source of gathering data is public, specific organisation structure or enterprise and many more and in order to gather the data methods which get utilised are conducting surveys, interviews and many more. These methods help in getting adequate level of information. This data further require analysis and evaluation in order to get the useful information (Hsieh, et. al., 2012).
This information set is required for the purpose of knowing the current trend and issues in the market. There is effective increase in the competition level and there are various aspects get introduced in order to attain the huge market share

Implementation of The Research ProjectImplementation of The Research Project Application of appropriate research evaluation techniques

The gathered data is not utilised directly in order to answer the set research questions for this purpose there are few techniques which get utilised in order to make analysis of these gathered data. There are four types of techniques are available such as:
Systematic peer review: This technique make the in-depth review or analysis of the data in order to extract the high level of information with the help of it. This in-depth analysis requires huge time and such research studies having huge time available with them can make use of this technique for their data analysis purpose (Malik, et. al., 2010).
Surveys evaluation technique: This is most common and effective technique which get utilised maximum for the small researches and helps in extracting the adequate amount of information for their research evaluation purpose. Most of the research program conduct survey program in order to gather information and the data gathered with the help of it get analysed in order to get the adequate information (Malik, et. al., 2010).
Biliometric analysis: The information which is gathered from secondary sources such as journals, articles, reports and other secondary sources get analysed with the help of this analysis techniques. It helps in getting the high quality information for the purpose of evaluating the research study and get adequate support with the help of it.
Case study analysis: This technique is utilised for the purpose of making analysis of the various case studies in order to get the supportive information related to the research topic. This analysis demand huge number of resources and it is a time consuming process (Malik, et. al., 2010).
Researcher makes use of the “Survey Evaluation technique” in order to make analysis of their gathered data. The data which is gathered with the use of survey is in huge amount and due to this they utilize this technique. For small research it is easy to gather the data with the help of the survey’s and this technique also become effective in order to make analysis of their gathered information (Cader, & Anthony, 2014).

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