Function Of Client Servers Assignment Help

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Function Of Client Servers Assignment Help

Function of client servers and browsers, and the role of the search engine

Client server model refers to a distributed application structure that divides workload or activity between the person providing resources i.e. servers and the person requesting service i.e. client. In general, servers and clients communicate over a computer on different hardware; however, both might exist in the same system. The given figure explains the client server model –
Hence, it can be stated that the role of mediator is played by the server. Based on the above diagram, it can be understood that server plays a very crucial part for users when working on the internet (Hasan, Morris and Probets, 2013).
There are different browsers available like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer by means of which the user can search any website on the internet. Hence, the major function of these browsers is to give the information or resources when the user asks for them. If any individual intends to search the website of Amazon, then he/she will have to install any of the above browsers on his system. There are a number of search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Google etc. through which a person can find any information from anywhere. There are times when individuals do not remember the complete address of the website but even if they know some key words or phrases then also the search engines provide accurate results. In such conditions, the search engine can be used to search by using keywords. For example, if an individual types Amazon in the search engine, then all the related results will be shown on the search engine (Emmanouil and 2009).
Client server network design and web- client server is a classic way in order to design applications where the data available can be stored in a central location and further shared with other computers whenever required. A web browser functions as per the clients’ request. Sometimes it may occur that various web browser clients are requesting data from a particular site; at this point a client server system conceptualizes all the requests send from the same site. Although the amount of requests forwarded to web servers might grow, therefore, the web servers are built as an assigned pool of multiple server systems.
Network protocols for web browsers and servers- web browsers and servers connect to each other through the medium of TCP/IP.  Further to this, web browsers also depend on the DNS in order to work with the URLs. These standards code empowers the different browsers to communicate with different servers without requiring any special rationale for each and every combination.
Search Engines play a very crucial part in the procedure of online shopping as more and more customers are opting towards them in order to purchase and fulfill their requirements.
The website can have all the important and useful products but if the users don’t know the website then it is of no use. Here, search engine helps the users to know the best websites that are available and have the desired product. This can be done by using right keywords and other optimization techniques. Ideal DIY also contributes it success to search engines as it always comes in top 10 slots in any search engine if the user searches for any product which the store offers. Searching facilities in the website further makes the website more user friendly and thus giving better experience. In e-business there are millions of products which are being listed in various categories and also in each category there are thousands of products listed. So, it will be difficult for users to go through each and every product to find out the one they want. For this purposes, the search facility within the website helps them to view the product or service they want and thus saving time and energy and enhancing the user experience. The search functionality in Ideal DIY is very efficient and the user can search product across the website within the category. The search functionality also gives suggestions to the users which help users to find out the product quickly and thus giving superior customer experience.

Function Of Client Servers Assignment HelpUse of intranets and extranets in business communication

Intranet refers to a private computer network that makes use of internet protocol for sharing or exchange of information and resources within businesses. This is the most helpful network for organizations that do not intend to exchange information outside the boundaries of their business. It refers to the internal private network of a corporation and multinational firms can use this for the purpose of controlling and managing their operations with high accuracy and speed. Information security is the main job of this system by which only those who are authorized can exchange, record and witness the different types of information pertaining to the company. This has proven to be a secure platform under which the organization can receive exact information related to its different branches. Hence, only the customers of Amazon can make use of this network in its website (Kanungo, 2004).
Extranet refers to a computer network that allows controlled accessibility from outside of the intranet of the organization. This network is used for specified motives like B2B communication. This is not as secure as the intranet system and also information sharing via this network is not safe. The main thing that should be known by the person using it is that it is distinct from internet as only those people who are registered like vendors, suppliers; partners etc. can make use of this network. For Amazon, the most appropriate mode of sharing information would be cloud computing as it is very secure and cheap (Chaffey, 2009).


Different E-business models that can be used to generate revenue for a business

The key types of e-business models are:

  • B2B model
  • B2C model
  • C2B model
  • C2C model

Ideal DIY store can opt for either b2b or b2c business models:

  • Business-to-Business: can be illustrated as a commercial transactions between businesses such as between a wholesaler and a retailer

The benefits of b2 b in the context of Ideal DIY:

  • It helps to create efficiency in the supply chain by optimizing costs and time.
  • It helps to improve customer satisfaction standards by better fulfillment of their needs and expectations thereby increasing customer retention rates at Ideal DIY.
  • It helps to reduce operating costs at Ideal DIY thereby creating massive saving associated with b2b technologies for their customer’s.
  • It helps to improve better supplier and customer relationship by developing a friendly environment and modernizing the business processes.
  • Business-to-Consumer: can be depicted as the activities of a business serving the end customer with products or services

The benefits of b2c in the context of Ideal DIY:

  • B2C has helped them recognize customer’s individual preferences by focusing on personalization and customer relationship management.
  • It has helped Ideal DIY to create customer satisfaction by building easy to use customer service web applications.
  • It has helped to maximize the value of transaction by linking emotional buying decision of their customers.
  • It has helped the supermarket giant to facilitate point of sale (POS) and merchandising activities
Analyze each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenue

Ideal DIY can go for either business to business model or business to customer model in E-business. In business to business model the revenue receipts will be much higher as compared to revenue receipts in business to customer model. Business to business model experiences less number of customers visiting the website whereas business to customer faces high traffic visiting the website. Hence each model has its advantages as well as its disadvantages.
Generating leads in Business to business model is a very tough task as organizations such as construction companies; interior decorators are limited in number whereas generating leads in business to customer model will be comparatively easy as many customers who are in need of lumbers and building material can be directly targeted easily. Accepting the fact the Ideal DIY directly sells to the individual customers rather than targeting specific organizations in brick and mortar model, therefore, in this case it is better for the store to opt for Business to customer model. However, a certain change in the business model will allow merging both B2B as well as B2c model. In business to customer model, Ideal DIY can attract both individual customer as well as organization such as Construction Company as a customer (Hummel et al., 2010). However the main focus needs to be on individual customers. If Ideal DIY store can have necessary infrastructure to cater organizations then it can cater this segment as well but this may need lot of investment. Hence it will be better to cater individual customers so that all its departments such as supply chain, operations, marketing can focus on a specific target of delivering lumber and building materials to individual customers. By tying up with Logistics Company, the store can deliver the ordered goods to the customers on time.
Hence, Ideal DIY should go for Business to Customer model on the basis of its existing business segment which is individual customers. Even the amount on the revenue receipts will be lower but the number of receipts can outnumber the amount generated through Business to Business revenue receipts. Also targeting the individual customers will be much easier than targeting the organizations for Business to Business model. One more important thing to understand the company need not to change the culture and values while going for Business to customer model as it has already been serving this segment, whereas for Business to Business model the culture and values may need to be change as the whole focus and goal for the business will be changed. Hence it makes sense for Ideal DIY to opt for Business to customer model for doing E-business. Order Now

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