Essay On Top Grub Company Assignment Help

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Essay On Top Grub Company Assignment Help

Essay On Top Grub Company Assignment HelpThe specified system

The new system of top grub company is described as:

In the context the data base of the top grub company contains three tables named as retailer, wholesaler and purchase clerk. The retailers request for the food product to the top grub company. The company then fulfills the requested order and asks for the payment. When the item is not available in stock then top grub company reorder item to the wholesaler, then the wholesaler give the product and ask for payment to the top grub company. The top grub company ask to the purchase clerk for shipping note, create invoice report (order and Invoice), then the purchase clerk add, update, and delete these information and give it back to the top grub company.

The top grub company is described as:

The new system of top grub company have retailer database, item/product database, wholesaler database. The registration and login information is stored in retailer database. When the retailers request for a product then the order of the retailer goes under process and when the process of order is complete, the requested product is then fulfilled and asks for the payment. When the order comes it undergoes to processes to the purchasing manager. If the product is in stock then purchasing manager process the requested order. When the requested item is not in sock then the purchasing manager request to the wholesaler for reorder, the requested reorder process gives the product reorder detail to the wholesaler and sends the requested product to the top grub company, after that process the company receive the product and make available that product again to the retailers by update the information of the product in the item/product database.


An entity relationship diagram is a pictorial representation that explains about relationship between the two or more than two entity. In the new developed system of top grub company, the entity relationship diagram contains six entity named as retailer, wholesaler, order, reorder item, order product and item.

When the retailer request for the product then retailer entity make a relationship to the order entity, the retailer entity contain retailer_id(PK), retailer name, retailer phone number, retailer address, retailer zip code and retailer email id. Similarly the order entity contains the attributes like order id (PK), retailer id (FK), date/time, discount, total amount, payment status. Similarly the order_product entity maintains the attributes like order_product_id (PK), order id (FK), item id (FK), quantity and price. Similarly the wholesaler fulfills the reorder request by maintaining wholesaler id(PK), wholesaler name, wholesaler phone number, wholesaler address, zip code, email and reorder item entity maintain the attribute like reorder id(FK), item id(FK), quantity and wholesaler id(FK).

Note: Here PK refers to the primary key of the table whose values are unique to the table and FK is the foreign key of that table.

Entity Life History

An entity life history diagrams tells about the events that affect an entity. The entity life history includes the following three parts:

Sequence- The sequence explains the order in which events will be completed. In entity life history the events will be shown from left to right. The events of the retailer will be started when the retailer is being registered. Deletion/archival of the retailer is based on the order history of the retailer. If the retailer purchase the goods from the top grub company on certain time interval regularly then the retailer will not be archived but if the retailer will not request for any good within two years then retailer will be archived or delete.

Selection- In any retailer life history selection will only show alternatives. If the retailer orders Top Grub Company at least oncein two years then the retailer will not archived by the system and will able to purchase food from the company.

Iteration- Iteration enable the system to repeat the same events until it will not reach to a desired result or until a particular condition of the top grub will not achieved by the retailers. Iteration allows the system to check the orders of the retailers including number of orders, number of times payment has been done etc. This property of iteration enables the new developed system to track the retailer orders and allows system to archive that retailer who will not be active in two years.

Note: “*” indicates iteration of a particular service and “0” indicates success or failure of entity.

Evaluate your final design discussing how the user and systems requirements have been addressed

The evaluation of a system follows the integration of the different system components andsub-systems. Once the evaluation stage is completed, the system is deployed and becomes ready for its users. The evaluation of a system is based on a requirements statement that provides an analytical view of the functional and no -functional requirements of the system. The design of this project is hierarchical with a boss in charge and several workers performing functions assigned by the boss. The workers at the bottom of the top grub companies are typically much specialized and perform a very limited set of tasks. This allows them to become very adept at their tasks and simplifies the organizational structure. Similarly, a computer system needs a boss and several workers who specialize in particular tasks.

The parts of the top grub companies that correspond to workers in human organizations are called programs, subroutines, functions, tasks, paragraphs or modules depending on which computer language is used. We shall call them modules and these modules are more suitable to achieve the objectives of good software engineering, i.e. efficiency of production, error free programs and maintainable programs.

The system that is developed has a user friendly screen that allows every retailer make the entryas easy as possible and a simple one step registration process. The system inform to the retailer about the new sales whenever the new sales will announced by the top grub. The system will able to provide a facility to the top grub company to track monthly expenditure of goods. It means the system will able to keep record of top grubsthat explain how much goods purchaseevery month from various suppliers or wholesalers with full detail like amount of the goods, date of purchasing, shipping details. The system is developed with a proper database to keep the history of all the retailers’ details whenever it will require.

The database of the system contains the table like

Retailertable- Retailer table maintains the information like retailer id, name of the retailer, phone number, address of the retailer, postal or zip code, and email id of the retailer.

Wholesaler table- This table maintains the information of the wholesalers like what is the id of the wholesalers, name of the wholesalers, phone number and address of the wholesalers

Item table- Item table maintains the id of the items, name of the items, quantity, price of the item etc. It also includes the quantity of items which is available on to the system. The system must have to show to the retailer, which item is available and in which quantity.

Reorder item table-Reorder item table perform its function when an item is not available at the time of order. It perform its function by Reorder id, id of the item that the retailer wants to order when it available, quantity of the item.

Order table- The order table enable the retailer to place the order on to the system of top grub company. Order table of the system contains order id, retailer id, date and time of order, mode of payment and payment status, applicable discount and total amount of order of the retailers.

Order product id table- This table maintains the order of product id, order id, item id, quantity and price.

Purchasing clerk-Purchasing clerk table of the system maintains the information like clerk id, clerk name, clerk phone number, clerk address and also clerk email.

The system provides a facility to the manager to calculate the total cost and total benefits in a year, because it is developed by the help of proper database so the retrieval of the information of total expenditure of the top grub company on purchasing the goods from various suppliers in the whole year is very easy. This feature of the new system will increase the power of manager as before developing the system the manager was dependent on the clerk, employee and off course on the manual works that is so lengthy in calculation and there is no any facility to contains the information permanently but the manager of top grub will be able to track entire records from a single place. The system is designed so as when any retailer will not places any order within two years then the system will automatically hide the information of that particular retailer.The benefit of the new system is it works with full efficient and makes more profit to the top grub company.

As of now there is no software dependent backup facility in this system and we can provide it later so that system can be secure in case of theft, fire, corruption and natural calamities. Also later we will protect the system with administrative log in facility for security purposes so that only authorized user can access the system and confidentiality will be maintained.

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