Element of Marketing Mix Assignment Help

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Element of Marketing Mix Assignment Help

Element of Marketing Mix Assignment HelpPROCEDURE

Process is the element of the marketing mix that includes all the functional activities that result in the availability of services and maintenance of quality.
It includes all the formal channels and processes occurring in interaction between the customers and the employees and the interaction between the customers and the environment. (Trang, 2012)
The service providers require ensuring that proper and sustainable quality of services is provided by following procedures maintaining high quality. The procedure needs to be oriented in a manner to balance the demand and supply. The process has gained increased consideration in the service mix as improvement in the service providing procedure makes the experience easy for them leading to increased sales and productivity. The hotel industry functions with many services that are an inclusion of the interaction of the customer with the guests. The hotel industry has the unique integration of the process element in a personalised manner where the same process cannot be followed by all.
My personal analysis of the Rockhampton Plaza Hotel enabled me analyse the following service processes operating in the hotel;

Processes for the guests:

The hotel informs the guests about their facilities and services via its web site, brochures, telephonic conversation. The processes followed are in providing accommodation, food, facilities such as room service, entertainment, mail dispatch access to internet, photo copy, fax and courier.
Staff processes: as there is a direct interaction in the hotel of the staff with the customers the processes followed by the hotel staff are closely guarded and scrutinised to decrease customer complaints and bringing constancy of purposes. The staff processes are designed to ensure comfortable stay of the guests and providing them with quality services. Deciding the course of the day, plan of action if there is a VIP guest at the hotel or deciding the menu.
HR processes- This includes on the job training of the employees, implementation of new processes to ensure staff motivation and morale as the nature of the job is demanding and stressful. Delegation of responsibilities is a important process that takes place in the hotel almost daily.(Fifield, 1998).
PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: This element constitutes the physical assets and environmental factors required by the company to provide services that mean the tangible components. Service sector is developing providing a range of facilities including the self-services, shelf and store design encouraging and attracting customers to buy. (Jain, 2013) For ther hotel industry the physical evidence play an important role as the customers are in direct interface with the physical environment and that is one of the most crucial factor in determining the value add of the service product. The physical environment of a hotel constitute te following,

  • Ambience
  • Comfort and facilities in the rooms
  • Music Played
  • Bathroom equipments and cleanliness
  • Staff appearance- Their uniform, grooming etc.

On analysing the physical environment of the Rockhampton Plaza Hotel based on my personal visit to the hotel I saw the following aspects;

  • The rooms were well furnished and equipped with all the necessities making the stay a pleasant one
  • They had 24 hours operational reception area
  • The rooms had premium topper mattress
  • The rooms had facilities like in suite bathroom, LCD TV, Wi-Fi connectivity and all other facilities to ensure that the stay is comfortable
  • It has Fountain View Restaurant where the guests can get breakfast and dine in
  • It has parking facility, two elevators, laundry services, easy to access rooms for people who cannot move much because of age or disability


The 7P analysis of the Rockhampton Plaza Hotel has led me to draw the following conclusions;

  • Market mix analysis is a very important marketing tool that enables better study and understanding of a particular industry
  • Service marketing mix is quite different than product marketing mix owing to the existence of the 3 additional P’s
  • While determining each element of the marketing mix of the service industry the marketer has to focus primarily on the means and ends to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Rochhampton Plaza Hotel being a service industry ha to consider the customer needs and comfort while considering the product as an element of its marketing mix
  • The product analysis of the Rochampton Plaza hotel has enabled me to understand the service industry needs to develop an integrated product to ensure complete comfort of the customers apart from primary accommodation products of the hotel they require to develop secondary products such as internet, entertainment, parking to meet all the needs
  • Pricing needs to be strategically determined considering the what is offered in the competition and how can you offer better without compromising on quality
  • Hotel industry needs to consider the choice of PLACE element as customers prefer locations of accommodations that is accessible and well connected and landscapes and views at vicinity is an added advantage
  • There is a need to develop enhanced strategies of PROMOTION for the hotel industries by adopting best practices from other industries
  • PROCESS is a very important attribute for service industry as it determine how the interface between customer and staff and customer and environment takes place so a measure for process control and quality such as Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma should be adopted
  • Staff is the strength of the service industry so PERSONNEL must be well trained and motivated
  • PHYSICAL EVIDENCE tells a lot about you so the importance of ambience and layout and environment should never be underestimated. Order Now

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