Educational Planning

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Posted on Jun 01, 2012

Education planning is a long term comprehensive plan with objectives impacting future generations of a country and its socio-economic structure. Planning has to be done very meticulously and keeping the resources available with the country and requirements of the educational system so that efforts of the planning and implementation does not get wasted. Planning part is mostly theoretical the real challenge is managing the implementation part of the planning and overcoming the real problems at ground level? In this report the researcher will do an in depth analysis of educational planning system of a middle income and developing economy like India and attempt to elaborate the problems associated with planning and implementation part of the educational policy. The researcher will also pinpoint the reasons behind the problems and evaluate critically the intervention plans adopted by the government agencies to tackle the problems. The research is secondary in nature and relies on a extensive literature review of various journals’ researches’ articles and government reports which will be providing us the required data for analysis and draw conclusion.

Educational planning has been defined in various studies and books with different words and sentence formation but the core essence of the education planning can be summed up as a systematic and well thought plan for various educational system existing in a country or region which will assist the current system to develop into a robust and effective system to suit the current and future needs of the people’ industry, society and country. Education planning is always done in such a way that it remains flexible and accommodating so that any changes during the ongoing course of time can be incorporated in it without disrupting the entire system. Monitoring of the educational system is also a part of the educational planning however its role is slightly different as this part of planning will keep monitoring and reviewing the progress of rest of the planning system and make an intervention whenever implementation and planning part mismatches or planning part goes out of resonance with the aims and objective of the planning.

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