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E-Business Environment Assignment Help

E-Business Environment Assignment HelpINTRODUCTION

In today’s technological and fast paced world, business have increasingly inclined to the use of e-business tools in their operation and supply chain process to satisfy the needs of the customers in a better way. This has been made possible by the use of internet based computing and communications tools in the business processes to gain global visibility across their extended network of trading partners. This has further enabled business to respond quickly to several variables ranging from customer demand to resource shortages .It has also helped in synchronized planning and coordination of workflow in addition to reduced costs and improved effectiveness in business.
E-business models are working like any business models that provide information about the company functions and products or services offered by firm. The complete research report can be further categorized into three sections. In the first section, report explores about IDS organization which has five branches into different cities of UK but it was failed to fulfill customer’s demands and facing difficulty to manage better relationship with suppliers. Second section of the report focused on the Don Lumber case which is the oldest retail firm of UK and facing problems regarding to manage records such as sales records and price set. While third section of the report distinguish key features of Amazon websites such as customers reviews, recommendations and notifications etc.


E-business environment and transaction types

E- Business operations are the advanced tech savvy online business revolutions that have become the latest trend to capture the excitement and focus of the emerging markets. It incorporates the concept of doing business operations online by collaborative sharing of information, integrating the procurement and purchase operations in the e-business strategy. As the concurrence of information can be made possible at real time by the use of internet today, companies are increasingly inclined to invest in e-business operations which are clearly going to dominate the direction of e-commerce for many years.
Ideal DIY stores have five branches in UK and presently, it operates in old fashion bricks and mortar business style. IDS organization has various departments and they perform various functions such as marketing, supply chain, account and administrations etc. The store has talented and skillful team by they were failing to provide better service to customers and unable to evaluate the customer demands (Mason and Mouzas, 2012). As well as enterprise also faced environmental issues such as difficulties with their suppliers and unable to understand customers needs in a well planned manner. In such kind of circumstance, organization is moving towards adopting e-business models and new emerging technologies such as B2B, B2C, CRM and SCM etc. By using e-business solutions, IDS store can overcome these issues. Organization was facing problems related to manage better relationship with their suppliers and this kind of issue can be solved out through creating database and store information about suppliers and materials etc. Enterprise was unable to evaluate the customer demands because there was lack of integration between its departments situated at various locations (Ozlem,2011). IDS store currently used cables and wires to connect its head-office with other five branch locations but this technique was too expensive.
An enterprise can overcome it by using cloud infrastructure and overcome cost on Intranet and extranet techniques becausecloud requires only internet connection as well as it will also reduce software licensing or purchasing cost also.IDS store can establish relationship between buyers and sellers to overcome difficulties earlier occurred in firm by implementing B2B model and linked it with Supply Chain Management software. B2C model and Customer Relationship Management software would be advantageous for organization in creating lucrative website and establishing direct communication with customers. By implementing this, an enterprise can reduce problem related to understand customer needs and evaluate their demand.

1.2 Benefits and barriers to business considering an online presence

Online presence would be beneficial for the IDS store to establish direct communication between firm and customers. By applying Business to Business model and integrate it with SCM, an organization can be able to better communicate with suppliers and provide price list and products catalogue related details at stipulated time. Business to customer e-commerce model and Customer relationship management would be advantageous for an enterprise to increase operation efficiency of firm. Cloud computing will be beneficial for an enterprise in case to reduce expenditure on technology and provide flexibility to users and suppliers. When an organization will establish legal framework and follows legislations related to internet policies (trademarks & copyrights laws) then it will be able to better implement IT solution at workplace.
When organization will perform its operation or run business online then it will face various barriers that can be explored as follows:
Technology related issue: This type of issue will be occurring if organization will contact or hire un-experienced IT vendors or will not take advice from e-business expert about new technology implementation. Due to this, various issues will be raised and decrease performance of system such as lack of hardware and software supportability, accessibility of internet, high expenditure and time taken in implementation of project (Malhotra, 2013).
Employee and suppliers resistance: While organization will deploy new e-business and e-commerce models then employees or suppliers of firm will resist the enterprise due to lack of technology awareness, job loss fear etc.
Poor knowledge about technology and its impact: Without proper knowledge of technology and its implementation, IDS store would not be able to establish better communication and integration between its various sections.

1.3 Security and legislative related issues and recommended solutions

While IDS store will be implementing e-business model then security and legislative related issues will occur that can be explored as follows:
In -effective legal framework: Without establishing a proper legal framework, an enterprise will unable in encryption ofdata and protect their business operations from hackers and crackers.
Security relates issues: When IDS store will adopt online business and related strategies then it will face security and privacy issues such as denial of service attacks (stop access of authorized users), theft sensitivity data (price lists , catalogues and destroying or copying it) and virus which can corrupt business data of IDS store. Hacking and security issues will also degrade sales or performance of an organization and enhance resistance level of its employees (Mason and Mouzas, 2012).
Recommended solutions
IDS store can solve legal framework related issue through following internet and e-business legislations developed by National Conference of Commissionersregarding to increase security and data protection (Chuanand et.al., 2014).It is following security guidelines and choosing knowledgeable and talented vendors and providing training to its employees regarding running these tools in a proper way. IDS store should use various security issue preventive techniques such as digital signature, access controls, follow integrity concept (Two- way authentication tool for secure information without) install anti-viruses and firewall in computer system.IDS store should follow various security guidelines to overcome security and legislative related threats such as to choose secure e-commerce platform, use secure connection for online check-out, employ card verification system, alert for suspicious activity, provide security training to the employees and monitor site regularly at stipulated time.

1.4 Modes of communication in E-Business and its applications

Discussed below are the various modes of communication applicable in E-business:

  • Mobile devices- in today’s competitive market, companies are increasingly turning towards text messages and short emails using cell phones and personal digital assistants. These developments have changed the way emails work, often turning it into medium for keeping in touch much like a text message; using for a varied connection type. As a result of the same, business associates are able to communicate with each other and also most of the organizations have taken initiatives to promote their products or services to the customers through text messages via mobile phones.
  • Social Networking- facing the heat of current marketing scenario, most of the companies admit the fact that social marketing is representing as a new edge in marketing and business networking. Almost every organization, be it an MNC or SME, promotes the upcoming events, communicates with customers, offers various discounts and provides information on upcoming sales using the medium of social networking. Order Now

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