Customer Service Assignment Help

Posted on Jun 18, 2016

Customer Service Assignment Help

Customer Service Assignment Help

According to the Lovelock, Patterson and Wirtz, (2011) a service can be defined as“A service is any act or performance that one party can offer another. Its production may or not be tied to a physical product”. Any service has to be provided at the right time at right place to be produced and it is to be consumed by the customers on a real time basis.

As a manager or as a service provider we need to understand that in this service organization a consumer is not just purchasing the travelling from one place to another, but essentially they are purchasing the experience of travelling in a safe and sound medium of transportation which is fast and reliable as well.

In this assignment I would be conducting a comparative evaluation between two and their different ways to approach the target market and serve them.

Both Qatar airways and Singapore airlines are considered as two of the top 10 airlines in world for international routes. Their services for tourists are considered as exemplary and as a new company in business a lot can be learned from the way they handle their customers and approach them.

Singapore is one of the major tourist destinations in South East Asia which makes Singapore airline a key player in hauling tourists from all over the world. Qatar on the other hand is situated in the exact geographical location of world where it can act as a connecting point between eastern world and western world. Both companies have a different set of target market but their approaches to reach their customers are very effective.


Tourist families and honeymooning couples Family tickets and discounts, combination deal with hotels and travel agencies.

Connecting flights to almost every tourist destinations in southeast Asia.

In flight babysitting facilities, special arrangements for vegetarian meals and group booking discounts are available

Since Singapore attracts majorly tourist crowd so having a bulk deal when someone is ready to buy hotel and tour deals as well makes more sense for all partners. Most of the tourist are making their bookings through travel agents or tourism companies, thus a long term agreement with such companies help Singapore airlines in optimally using their capacity (Gronroos, 2007).

Singapore is a family and couple tour destination, most of the families are travelling with kids or elderly people.

The special arrangement for their meals etc helps in attracting target market better than other players.


Business travelers, students and working executives Professionals who are travelling for long haul destinations from east to west part of world prefer airlines like Qatar.

They offer best price possible and travelling duration which uses minimal working hours on both sides. i.e night travelling and reaching destinations in morning hours.

Frequent travelers are given open tickets and corporate pricing which helps company acquire business from entire companies making Qatar way ahead of its rivals.

These flights are not very high on perks thus making them a lean and clear business travelling flights.

Reduced overheads help them in giving better pricing to travelers like students who prefer the cheapest travelling alternative possible.

These approaches used by Qatar makes them a preferred flyer for long haul travelling.

Their travelling network is centered in Doha, Qatar and from there people can travel to Asia, Europe or American countries within a span of 6-10 hours (overnight).

Comfort level of night travelers is considered as priority making them a preferred flier among business class and executive class travelers as well.

Services offered by Qatar are made efficient by using Qatar as their fueling point where ATF is one of the cheapest in world making them highly competitive in market (Zeithami, et al. 2006).

A fair service with a reasonable premium is a good preposition if it offers the value for money to the travelers.

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