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How to write a research proposal

Students who pursue PhD have to write research proposals for the partial fulfillment of their research degree. A Student is awarded PhD degree when he/she makes a genuine contribution to its university in the research field of choice. Achieving a degree can nowhere be compared with achieving a noble prize but, it surely means that the student has earned something to certify that he has gained more knowledge of the subject on which the research has been performed. But to be certain of making such a huge contribution, a student must know how to write a research proposal. A research proposal is written to explain a research idea through relevant theories and practical applications of the idea. Continue reading

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Marketing Strategy 101: Learn Marketing Online

Strategy is a plan which is followed over a long term to achieve desired goals. Thus we can define Marketing strategy as a plan followed for achieving desired market goals. For instance, let’s take a common objective of a marketing company that is certainly, to become a leading marketer by satisfying more and more customers. To achieve so there must be a strategic planning which would involve market research and development of a marketing blend that could satisfy customers. Every Company must have clear marketing goals and the major pathway to achieve these goals depends upon strategy. Thus, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the concepts of strategy and tactics. Continue reading

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