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Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help

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The biggest problem with the use of motorcycle is the lack of storage. Due to the ever growing cost of transportation more and more people are choosing to use motorcycles as a method of transport. As well as this there is a strong and growing community of bikers who specially use their motorcycles for summertime activities such as long haul trips and concerts/ live music events. Therefore we are designing a mid-range mass market touring trailer with a large capacity storage that can attach to most motorcycles types and manufacturers. The design will incorporate the main functions such as water proofness, lightweight and maneuverability whilst being aesthetically pleasing.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help Market Research

From our market research we have found that there is a global demand for the motorcycle luggage trailers throughout the world. There are currently over 1.3 million motorcycles registered in the UK alone and with over 10 million in the USA and ever growing. The demand for motorcycles there is constantly growing directly proportional growth in demand of luggage trailers.

Furthermore most motorcycles trailers are made from fiberglass or steel sheets as they are weather proof, relatively lightweight and durable, as well as this, they have a long product life with great reliability. New motorcycle trailers now increasingly using the wheel hitching system which is universal and causes less torsional stress on the system.

We have also carried out a questionnaire (Appendix B) with students and staff who use a motorcycle to come to university, as well as this we posted the questionnaire on social media motorcycle group pages. From this questionnaire we have concluded that the motorcycle luggage trailer will need to be versatile, durable and shock resistant as it will be used on-road mainly as well as off-road road, therefore it should easily overcome rough terrain and speed breakers. Also well as this we have learned that most motorcyclists are willing to pay the average UK price of £2000-£3000 for a good quality, durable, waterproof, lightweight and maneuverable trailer with fitting and this is required as part of brief and customer research.­­­

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