Labor Supply And Demand: Australia
Genre: General Awareness
Publication Year: 2012
This Article aims to identify and critically evaluate the labour related issues and problems associated with health care industry in Australia.
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The assignment on topic Labor Supply And Demand: Australia explains specially the manpower in nursing  field.


Australia is a developed country with a highly advanced medical and health care system. Australian government is fully committed to provide excellent health care services to its citizens and they use Medicare program to deliver those services. Both private and government aided hospitals are included in this system and government ensure that each citizen gets the best quality of services. However biggest problem with n health care system is there lack of doctors and nurses. In technical terms doctors and nurses are the primary labour of health care industry that employs their man hours to provide health care services to the people. In this article shortage of labour and their demand in n health care industry would be primarily discussed.

Labour Demand and Supply
In n health care industry there is a chronic shortage of manpower especially in fields like nursing and doctors. Primary reasons which expert believe behind this gap in demand and supply is a relatively small population of spread over a large geography and increasingly
growing demand of number of medical practitioners. Medical system and health care services have evolved a lot in last few decades, now people are more aware of their needs and demand for specialist doctors and nurses is very high in comparison to their supplies. Further to make the situation worst a large proportion of n population is getting older and they need nursing assistance on a regular basis. All these factors are contributing in a collective manner thus enhancing the demand for medical practitioners.

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