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This assignment will assist in making an individual have an understanding of the various methods by which a business could use strategies in respect of the company and plan to have same kind of anticipated results to achieve success. This can be easily understood that planning is an essential aspect which is very important for a company to get success. The strategic planning process offers a guide towards the various actions that needs to be achieved by staffs and the teams in companies for the achievement of company goals.
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Business Assignment Help
Business Assignment HelpFor the assessment of an organisation’s missions, visions, objectives, goals and core competencies, we will be taking into account one of the world’s well-known courier financial services company known as TNT UK Ltd.


The mission statement for TNT focuses on providing the staffs as well as stakeholders with the prevailing purpose of the company for exceeding the expectation level of the consumer for transferring of products and financial services throughout the world and also delivering the value to consumers by offering them the most trustworthy solutions.

Business Assignment Help Visions

The vision statement for TNT is concerned with the anticipated future organisational structure condition. The vision statement for TNT is required to find solutions to the query of what is that they want to actualize. (Lind, 2014)

Business Assignment Help Objectives

The objectives for TNT are associated with the expected results in respect of the company and in that regard the major objective of the company is to actualize growth in terms of profitability.


The goals for TNT is associated with the various processes by which the company will be able to actualize its mission which concentrates on the aspect of growth profitability, investment in functional brilliance and do organisation for the accounting purpose of winning. (Lind, 2014)

Core Competencies

The core competencies for TNT is associated with the aspect of differentiating the company from its competitors in respect of skills, computing resources as well as activities that are unique and cannot be copied by the other rival brands.
Analyse the factors that will have an impact on your business when you are formulating strategic plans.
There are several factors that might have an influence on the business associated with TNT UK Ltd. Therefore, when a strategic planning is getting formulated then the factors that are to be considered are mentioned as under,


The process associated with strategic planning are considered to be a success when an approach associated with a bottom up as well as top down communication is used. It gets initiated with the communication in respect of every employee level providing information in which a process of strategic planning is to be considered. It also considers the aspects by which they will have an involvement in the process. (Lamb, 2008)

Business Assignment HelpEngagement

A major aspect regarding the formulation of strategic plans is the engagement of employees from every stage all over the organisation of TNT. The engagement of employees does the generation of extra inputs as well as assists in building their level of assurance in respect of the final planning. It is important for involving staffs in the process towards strategy planning as well as direction in respect of TNT.


The culture of an organisation is associated with the general attitudes, values, beliefs as well as behavioral problems aspects of the staffs working in TNT. The cultural scenario of TNT is considered to be exclusive as well as varied which is identical to the personality of a person. When the staffs working in TNT starts believing that change is an aspect that is to be feared as well as evaded, then implementing a scenario of change is mostly mechanical as well as disorganized. (Lamb, 2008)


There are certain strategic plan that takes into consideration strategic aspects for developing a new product or delivering a new service or re-building a department and so on. They put team of individuals in a collective way for working towards the significant efforts as well as providing them with money for doing investment for ensuring the success. But in due course of time,there also comes into focus the possibility,that if the particular team won’t be realizing the strategic objectives that are provided to them then, as a result the strategy will be considered to be a failure.
Evaluate the effectiveness of relevant techniques used when developing strategic business operations plans.
There are different techniques that can be used when developing strategic business plans in respect of TNT UK Ltd. These are known as BCG Growth-Share Matrix as well as Space Matrix. The effectiveness of these techniques when developing strategic business plans are mentioned as under,

  • BCG Growth-Share Matrix This technique explains that a growth in the relative share of market will assist in the growth of cash generation. As a result, business position in respect of growth-share matrix offers an indication towards the generation of cash as well as the consumption of cash that can be described by four categories that are described as dogs, question marks, stars as well as cash cows.

Dogs – These are considered to be the organisational scenario which possesses a low share of market as well as a diminished rate of growth and because of that there is no generation or consumption of huge amount of cash. (Kerin, 2001)
Question Marks – These are considered to be the organisational scenario in which the organisation is developing at a fast pace and therefore does the consumption of greater percentage of cash, but since they possess a low share of market there is no generation of a large amount of cash.
Stars – There is the generation of an increased amount of cash in respect of stars since the companies having this organisational scenario possesses a strong relative share of market, but also does the consumption of a considerable amount of cash due to their increased rate of growth. (Kerin, 2001)
Cash cows–The cash cows showcases a return on assets which is more in comparison to the rate of growth in respect of the market and as a result there is the generation of an increased amount of cash in comparison to what can be consumed. (Kerin, 2001)
Space Matrix This is considered to be a tool of management process that is used for analyzing an organisation. This tool of management is utilized for determining what kind of strategic aspect an organisation should be undertaking. The term SPACE stands for Strategic position and action evaluation matrix. It concentrates on the formulation of strategies particularly associated with the competitive positioning of a company. The Space matrix constitutes of four quadrants in which every particular quadrant refers to a different kind or nature of strategic aspect.

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